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Dive into the cyberspace!
Submitted by CCatGames (@viza) — 8 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline

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Thanks for all the votes everybody!
Now that the jam is over, expect updates for the game, based on your comments and more! (I didn't wanted to update while the voting run, to keep the "party version" online which was created during the jam, not after... :) )


Impressive look!! A nice idea, even if it's quite challenging. Like others have said, the time before you get caught while gliding is too short and it's sometimes more about luck than skills.

Have a go at my entry if you have time


Really cool aesthetic. Managed to figure out eventually what I was meant to do after reading the description. Perhaps for people who don't tend to read descriptions, a simple on-screen prompt before the game starts to explain the aim.

Also I mostly disagree with the comment about feeling like you're crawling around - I think the whistling sound and ship wobble as you pick up speed do help to give a sense of speed. 

I think it'd be cool if the camera rotated slightly with the ship as you level the ship out, just to improve visibility a bit.

Pretty darn difficult - I like it!


I like this a lot but I just feel like you should have 10-15 seconds instead of 5 or whatever. I'd really like to get up a nice sense of speed, instead it feels like you're always crawling around, which was unfortunate to me. Some minor tweaks could make this VERY interesting.


Like others, I also had difficulty playing this game. It did feel like luck most of the time and my best scores came from holding down an arrow key and hoping for the best. The down key didn't seem to help in any situation, and I kept expecting the up key to make the ship dive.

I really like the visual style- nice models, lighting, and choice of colours.


looks really great but the game's too hard :(. Hard to steer and you have to get some luck to touch first platform, getting in time to next one was for me impossible. Maybe try to add some boost activated with one key that depletes and is charged by travelling "glued" to other objects.

My Entry

Looks great but any game where you die instantly will push away most players, I managed to survive about 5 seconds, never really lasted long enough to work out what to do. 

Then I thought it deserved another go, got onto a road and traveled a bit which was neat, improve the playability and make it easier to start and could be onto something.


It looks very nice but it's hard to figure out where to go to find a close connection. Since the view is pretty much blocked the whole time by an object you're trying to collide with I think it would be nice if the camera would be a bit further way so you have more of an overview of where you are.

Really nice looking game! I included it in part 10 of my Cyberpunk Jam compilation video series, if you'd like to check it out :)


The game looks very nice.  Its WAYY to hard to figure out what to do.  I spent a good while just drifting off and dying for no apparent reason.  Eventually figured out you have to like go touch objects... i think.  More feedback is definitely needed.  


I think I managed to download the entire internet. Or at least all the porn. 

Perhaps the game could use some anti-surfaces? Things you're not supposed to touch? To keep the player engaged a bit longer.


Needs more feedback and progressive difficulty.  What is the player trying to do?