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Quick instructions:

Download, unpack, plugin oculus, plugin leap motion into oculus and run Direct-to-rift version :)

If it crashes try to switch Oculus to Extended desktop mode and rerun DirectToRift.exe (it works on my 64bit Windows 8.1 laptop with intel+radeon graphics)

Love it :), simple but great

Check other from fellow polish mate if you like :)

Quite nice graphics, music and atmosphere. The idea with changing game's name when next test subjects die is quite nice. I don't know if I reached game's end (the room without visible walls) but after reaching last door I just got back to chamber with test subjects. When I tried to play with last subject (10) I found this bug: :). Nevertheless nice game :) I really liked bashing at keyboard keys to hack computers:)

I got stuck on third level just fell throught floor :(

Nnice graphics, animation could have been better and also subtitles would be nice. Fade in/outs could be faster, hacking was rather simple until third level. Oh and music was very good :)

Very polished, simple mechanics, good gameplay, love the screen shaking :)

great graphics, I love how it combines many nostalgic moments from games that I played in the past. It's like endless runner mixed with Shadow of the beast and combined with Flashback for good measure :) (there are also other influences I could try guessing - Fractured Soul maybe?). Dynamic, hard but with a good dose of checkpoints as somebody else already mentioned. The keyboard buttons layout could have been better, as people are often more accustomed to jump with Space not W or UP arrow. Game's little short, I hope you will do something more with these assets, maybe add some background story. Music is great - so much that it really saddened me that game crashed on ending credits and I couldn't listen to it more (or maybe that's just my computer doing strange things :)).

looks really great but the game's too hard :(. Hard to steer and you have to get some luck to touch first platform, getting in time to next one was for me impossible. Maybe try to add some boost activated with one key that depletes and is charged by travelling "glued" to other objects.

Fixed gamebreaking bug in level 4... now to fix tutorial and make GUI more user friendly :)

nice, little easier than flappy

great idea, nice lowpoly and lowres graphics, and the starfox retard style is adorable :). It would be nice to have him in pixel art but this one is good enough :)

true to original with mechanics and hardness but not very creative

hallelujah! :)

love the graphics, animation and details :)

gotta love that grin xD

flappy with a twist :)