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Submitted by DEFɅCID (@defacid) — 1 hour, 41 minutes before the deadline
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Nice entry! It's very.. mysterious. I really liked the dark mood that the visual style and music creates.
I too had trouble with jumping. I understand what you've said here about a more 'realistic' jump, and I feel the same way actually, but I didn't feel in control. I think it might just need a bit more refinement. I found the section where you jump up a series of boxes quite frustrating, especially as it's possible to slip off a box and fall back down to the bottom (or maybe I'm just hopeless?).
The first time I fell just short of escaping for the second time, and was just going to leave it at that. But then curiosity got the better of me and I played it again and was able to finish the whole thing. I was expecting some kind of narrative punchline and was a tiny bit disappointed. Even still, I liked this entry very much.


@local minimum: I am tired of avatars that jump twice their height, so I made a more "realistic" jump, but I added a sort of "catch" range so that you can climb up ledges if you're close enough.

@nosferathoo: Thanks a lot and I'll get on fixing that bug!


Quite nice graphics, music and atmosphere. The idea with changing game's name when next test subjects die is quite nice. I don't know if I reached game's end (the room without visible walls) but after reaching last door I just got back to chamber with test subjects. When I tried to play with last subject (10) I found this bug: :). Nevertheless nice game :) I really liked bashing at keyboard keys to hack computers:)


Really nice effects and feeling. Would have liked to continue playing longer but the thing that stopped me was the really funky jump. It got too annoying to be fun. The other thing, while I liked the hacking, since there was no stress moment or any way to speed up the hacking (e.g. do it in some rythm like old track and field) the bar took a little to many key presses without adding enough to the game experience.

In general, quite enjoyable game and nice piece-wise introduction to the aspects and controls needed!


Great! (I know Game Maker has "installer" selected as default, forgetting any previous selection. Annoying right?)


I fixed it - it was actually a standard executable initially, but when uploaded the bugfix I forgot to set it back. :P


Very nice game! Played and rated. As earlier comment, really fun hacking thing, I found it very cute. I was a bit annoyed by the installer though. I would've preferred a single runtime exe. I know GameMaker: Studio can do that, because I did it with my cyberpunk game :)


If you play through the whole game, the idea makes sense!

I'm also going to play ever single game - I'm probably going to livestream some of that tonight! :D


A fun little game to play :) The idea of crazy typing in order to hack the computer is really great!

Didn't understand the point of the second run though... It's the same level but with less time?

Have a go at my entry if you have time! :)