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Anton Hultdin

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Played and rated :) It was very hard for me, I didn't reach far. Very evil when the first turret got 6 hacking rows. I wasn't really fond of the controls. I personally would rather run with the arrow keys and do stuff with my left hand, it felt a bit crowded. Nice atmosphere and good idea though. Check out my contribution if you like :)

Great! (I know Game Maker has "installer" selected as default, forgetting any previous selection. Annoying right?)

Very nice game! Played and rated. As earlier comment, really fun hacking thing, I found it very cute. I was a bit annoyed by the installer though. I would've preferred a single runtime exe. I know GameMaker: Studio can do that, because I did it with my cyberpunk game :)

Very stylish! I liked the fact that it's not a randomly generated endless runner, which I'm a bit fed up with (I've made one myself earlier funny enough).