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As long as the specific warnings are at the forefront, I think that could be fine. When I'm trying to avoid certain content for my kids, or even for myself when I don't have the spoons to deal with a certain topic, knowing the content matters a lot more than the age rating imo

There's some PG-13 movies that I'm perfectly fine with my 5 year old watching alone and there's some PG and G rated films (Jaws, Poltergeist, Watership Down, etc.) that are just too much, so I'm sure it'll work the same with self rated E/MA/AO. For me, the warnings matter more than the rating itself.

As some of the comments above have stated, I'm also a huge fan of forgoing age based categories and focusing more on specific content warnings. This will make it easier for people who are comfortable with one type of "explicit" content to filter results to show games that they're more likely to feel comfortable playing and enjoy.

Potentially losing a section of an age group that would enjoy your content just because it's labeled 16+ or 18+, or thinking that the content will be watered down just because it's 13+, hurts both players and developers. 

@local minimum: I am tired of avatars that jump twice their height, so I made a more "realistic" jump, but I added a sort of "catch" range so that you can climb up ledges if you're close enough.

@nosferathoo: Thanks a lot and I'll get on fixing that bug!

I actually ended up finding the orb, but it took 3 playthroughs and I couldn't find the center in time to do anything with it. :(

I fixed it - it was actually a standard executable initially, but when uploaded the bugfix I forgot to set it back. :P

If you play through the whole game, the idea makes sense!

I'm also going to play ever single game - I'm probably going to livestream some of that tonight! :D

This is just a personal opinion, but I think this game would be a lot more interesting if there was a sense of urgency and a bit more polish. I know there's a timer, but for runner games, it's more compelling to play when there's a REASON or a lot of detail in the environments.

Interesting take - VERY relevant to the theme!

I've played this at least 3 times and I REALLY think this is an AWESOME game! Nice job!

Accidentally set it for Jan 1st of this year instead of March 1st as the deadline for submission! Sorry