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It's like picking a lock with a rocket propelled broadsword. (I can't be the only one who sees flying tumblers) 

At first it gave me motion sickness but going wide eyed and unfocusing helped.

I am become URANUS

It's also fun to intentionally make choices you know are going to end in a fiery conflagration, and giddily look forward to the moment.

The running jumping didn't always feel tight as I would have liked and I swore my way to the end (cue Dark Souls relapses) but that was neat.

The end might have dragged on a bit though.

Hm, 3.9 years, I'm slipping

It actually got sort of tense there at the end, over 3 years, glued to that chair, with the rain.(I hardly notice the vegetables in the terminals) Imagine if all that time had meant nothing. 

Or maybe I'll just sit back and enjoy being the new god of mankind(One Nation Under Me, ect.)

5 stars, I felt so very important, flashy, and smug by the end. It reminded me of wanting to Frankenstein the games Uplink and PAYDAY together, so you can either A)Scream at a real person to hack faster instead of Bain, or B)get screamed at by real people to hack faster.

Unfortunately it seems to be crashing soon as I try to start the EXE. Which is a shame because this looked depraved and entertaining.

I tried it on hard and found it more enjoyable. I would suggesting having 3 difficulties, shifting normal to easy, hard to normal, and something (derp) harder than hard, defaulting to normal. On the current default the controls feel unresponsive, but upping the difficulty actually helped the feel alot.

I had way too much fun playing against myself.

ASFSAOFSFDFG I enjoyed it.

The guard didn't work quite consistently enough for me to get past them without engaging their wall-hack wrath, so I didn't get past the face hugger mine part. But I think you have something here, and hope you'll continue to work on it.

I actually beat the earlier version that didn't have sprint (I am so OG) but having it is alot less rage inducing. 

It's a good game, and when I first played it I was all "oh shi- all these people how will I ever find-" then I noticed the yellow headless chicken panicking in the crowd. If you could make the target blend in more with the crowd to start, I think it would add alot to it. That and the ability for the bad guy to escape.

I thought in the future, bacon was good for you heart ;-;

I did have trouble with that wall jump part, but overall the thing was neat, and forced me to shed a single smile.

I think I managed to download the entire internet. Or at least all the porn. 

Perhaps the game could use some anti-surfaces? Things you're not supposed to touch? To keep the player engaged a bit longer.