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Fantastic.  awesome idea.  You've obviously played Canabalt!

The camera shake when the agents land is -perfect-.  It's so jarring when they arrive, haha, and you know instantly no matter where you are in the buildings.  I played with sound off the first time, and it was still playable!

I was definitely feeling the rush at points, and the need to try and hack windows instead of going back up to jump, but my one complaint would be that the game was too easy.  I completed it on my first try, and was even able to hack an agent for fun before I left :P.  

You really have something here though - I'd definitely be looking forward to an expansion!  Awesome entry.

here's mine

Simple little puzzle game - nice idea.  I'm not sure how easy it is to figure out who is who though...  is it random every time?

My Entry: HeavyArms

I agree the game was easier on hard mode - the problem is that it is the lag of the actual jump after the user hits the key, since the animation is sped-up in hard-mode this is lessened slightly.  The speed of the obstacles isn't actually any easier when it takes your character much longer to actually get moving!  Its kind-of like drunk driving with very slow reaction-time.  I hope this helps...

My Entry: HeavyArms

last? level is soo hard.  i'm stumped - pretttty sure its impossible!  :P.  nice little game.  

My Entry: HeavyArms

wait - no no, i found it!

@Teddy Bradford - huh, that's an odd one.  I can't seem to reproduce it, but there are easy steps I could take to eliminate it.  Thanks!

I agree that its incredibly difficult to play, but I really like it.  You have such a level of detail in the simple art, it's really cool.  Neat concept - simple idea - REALLY frustrating controls!!  

My biggest complaint is that nearly every direction key makes you go up or diagonal up, except for the down key.  This makes it nearly impossible to properly align yourself to get orbs.  If you went too far up, you're basically screwed - esp cause if you miss one orb you're basically screwed.

Anyway, really nice work!

Feel free to rip my control scheme apart!:  
My Entry: HeavyArms

Really great game!  So hard though!  I wish there were a little more visual information - its really hard to tell how you are doing, health-wise!  Also, I only made it to about the middle, but I don't think I ever got any ammo... am I missing something?

The game is visually very appealing - really nice work.  The only thing I don't like - and this is being picky - is the background.  I think its a little distracting, and doesn't really match the rest of your minimal aesthetic.  I wish it were a gradient, or a soft glow.  

The game looks very nice.  Its WAYY to hard to figure out what to do.  I spent a good while just drifting off and dying for no apparent reason.  Eventually figured out you have to like go touch objects... i think.  More feedback is definitely needed.  

I agree with Anshul, the level is incredibly frustrating!  I had to keep restarting the level because my guy just got trapped in locations i couldn't jump out of (including jumping behind Pops right at the beginning, haha!)

The game looks really nice!  There are a lot of really nice little touches - like how the building lights get brighter around your character! And I def like the terminals alot!  

Just moving the character around the level is where this game really suffers, unfortunately.  

My Entry: HeavyArms

First droid is hard to hit!  You have to get right up there in the corner..  Think it would be a great game otherwise - its just a little difficult to learn what you're doing when the first one is hard!

I like the progression - good use of the theme elements!  Art and little effects are very nice.

My Entry: HeavyArms

Hey man, thanks for playing!  I did try a couple different control schemes, but to be honest, I just kinda ran out of time to make the 360 controller feel perfect, and put it down for awhile (also now that I just looked, I noticed I never lined up the muzzle flash with the 360 left stick - oops :P!).