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Ultra stylish shooter/checkpoint racer where you transport into the bodies of enemies you kill taking over their weapons
Submitted by Ansh (@lightnarcissus) — 1 minute, 11 seconds before the deadline
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I like the scanline aesthetic in the (unskippable) cutscenes, reminds me of Killer 7, although the text is hard to read with the colours.The lady character looks like a badass.

I like the concept of having to switch bodies to avoid falling to your death, but failure is confusing cause even when I hit the ground, I'm still going so it feels arbitrary when the game could end. The movement is really slow so sometimes I'd forget to move and just transport, which is why I never liked getting the katana sword cause then the targets are too far away. The gun models are way too big, even bigger looking than a console game's Field-of-View. The HUD is confusing cause you're falling so fast that I didn't have time to check what the bar on the bottom meant.

There is potential here, and I'm intrigued for more.


Very cool visuals and theme! reminded me of Killer7


@TeamKwaKwa : You go into an other person's mind randomly if you're controlling a human. You die when your health bar reaches zero. :)


That was an experience. I didn't understand anything of the gameplay (somethimes you die, sometimes you go in an other person mind?), but the art style was good and it was pleasant.


Rad visuals, even if the text was a bit hard to read :P

Pretty neat! I love the moody film-noir feel I get from it... very Blade Runner.

I didn't get it at first, but now I get it and it's pretty fun! But, can you tone down the scanlines a little? I could barely read the intro.

Other than that, this ranks pretty high!


A lot Enjoyable!... Good job nigguh!


This is super neat Ansh! The thing I think it's missing the most right now is a way to quickly start playing again, so that I could become better at understanding the mechanics and play without needing to watch the intro/credits. Really excited to see this develop.


I enjoyed it, really interesting premise and great style, but the gameplay was unclear, even after reading the text on the game's page. When I was actually playing, I just kept shooting people and falling, and eventually I maybe won? I love the art style though, and the idea is interesting.


@BigRoyNL : Thank you for the detailed feedback. You're correct those tunnels do not have any enemy encounters, they were meant for node collecting to piece the data you were meant to retrieve. Sadly, I omitted that bit but will update it in a few days. And I'm glad you saw the storytelling potential in the concept.

@LocalMinimum : The sword attacks are dodgy at best, just try clicking on an enemy from a relatively safe distance and the attack will connect. Thank you for the feedback though, I'll try making the swordplay better in the update.


I happened to get a sword-fellow and then I never got close to anyone anymore. The eternal falling was also not clear how I worked. But if you scratch that, the relevance to the theme and the fantastic visuals... they were just mind blowing. The concept could become really interesting too, but right now one is literally dropped into the game play without getting to learn the basics of it first.


I think I had a pretty confusing typo in my last comment so to clarify: I was actually able to reach enemies, but at some points (when falling through a long tunnel) I was unable to reach anyone to kill.


The visuals are extremely confusing, but show a lot of what could potentially become a nice combination. Though in its current stage I didn't have a clue on how to progress as I was unable to reach any enemy.

Though I like how you're trying to mix in the memories and the personalities of the body you're taking over. I think the characters should have some distinctive features so you know what kind of person you're taking over, so there's a reason to choose one over the other. 

Another idea could be that the connection you have with someone's mind takes over after some time and you'll be left without any control. Then you're sucked into the memory stream showing the person's personality clearly (maybe distorted?) but your hack/game is over.

I think what you're trying to achieve can make up for some interesting storytelling. Looking forward to updates!