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Hi sorry for the delay, it was corrected.

I pushed a new version without the "trial version" (it was an issue with Unity license, so it was still the full version of the game). Tell me if everything is okay.

Oh my bad! Which version is it (Win32? MacOSX? Linux?).

Full version

You could play with keyboard+mouse, but the game is designed for console, so controller is highly advised.

Sorry I have no idea. Browsers tend to not like zip with executable

Here you are: 

Sadly I was alone, so I did not enjoy the multiplayer component of the game. I like the megaman feel getting out of the game.

Best game of the jam POINT

Nice creative approach. The character is running way too quick for me (80fps) and is pretty much a pain to control.

What an awesome game. Damn the main mechanic is just so much fun. Sad that some details miss some polish, but a really nice entry!

Not much gameplay except catching slimes and then talk to the big slimes. The game is lagging hard after a little moment. The console is crying GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY, but I have a GTX 980...

Th cat transition from horizontal to vertical feels super weird. The music is a bit meh. The gameboy feel is here, but not the gamefeel.

Bomb must be more powerful. The level design is not very interesting with this only corridor in the middle that quickly become saturated.

I love the Metal Slug feel and those aliens are so happy :D

Awesome gameboy feel

I did not quite enjoy the gameplay. There is not enough pressure from the enemies quickly enough. Other than that, this puzzly moving mechanic is really good and I could enjoy playing it for hours if there were a bit more variety

Damn, so much quality put in this game, awesome soundtrack, awesome graphics.

But damn, you really need a game designer on this game. I just went on the extreme left side and let everything, then there was nothing, not even a Victory screen.

Probably the best game I played from this GBJam, awesome chiptune, well though and polished main mechanic.

This game is really good. The gamefeel is really great. Though checkpoints would be a nice addition


not that much gameboy feel, but a very nice puzzle game with well thought mechanics and a wonderful mood.

I really loved the switch from the nogravity mood to the now everything is turned. It felt weird in the second level that now the robots are turned on but not the gravity. Also, those patrolling sentinels are a pain in the ass.

The music feels more modern chiptunes/NES than Game Boy, but a very solid entry nonetheless.

Everything is so well done, but I think the gameplay does not evolve enough for this game genre.

Awesome gameboy feel and gamefeel. A very solid entry!

Could not defeat the first enemy. The title screen is unreadable :D (played @ 1080p). Very nice mood. Not really gameboy feely, if you are on Unity, you should definitely use the Pixel Perfect asset from the store.

A very nice narrative game. I had a weird surprise when the nighbor did not talk to me, but I had the "stolen" items from the shop on me :D
Little detail: you should accelerate the animation of walking when you are running.
Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the music, the loop was a bit too short and quickly irritating.

PS: And it is super cute

The claustrophobic mood is perfect, a good use of the color limitation (though the game is not so much gameboy feely). Not very interesting puzzle and not that much of a story.

Still enjoyable though.

Really neat despite the boss fight

Awesome gamefeel of the spaceship, that artist is really good. Some minor details like layer of rock going in front of the others.

No enemies :( So not much gameplay unfortunately, with a vrey nice soundtrack

Very hard game, the game feel is not perfect, the jump feels a bit too much astronaut and hard to control. The level design is not so good, it's hard to guess when to jump and 3 lives are not enough, barely got to the second level.

The music is SO GOOD, and of course the gameboy feel is here :D

Very nice homebrew

A nice and enjoyable game, not much gameboy feel, sad that there is no music.

Very enjoyable game!

You should show the cinematic instead of writing, not like it was a crazy interesting story.

Very simple gameplay, some little bugs like the layer of the enemies when they are in the front but behind with their images. Very nice graphics, max for me.

Nice music too

Okay, welldone guys, the atmosphere works perfectly, arts, music, everything is perfect. And simple but effective gameplay! I love it!


It could be interesting but without any sound, so bad :(

Wo, I like it, great gameplay, arts are coherent, no issue, so...!

Oh, thank you guys!

About the lag, it's not normal, we will try to correct this issue.

(and the meter it's your fuel for the jetpack ;) )

Really fun game, graphics are not the top (some animations are cheap), but the backgrounds are well done and the gameplay is entertaining

That was an experience. I didn't understand anything of the gameplay (somethimes you die, sometimes you go in an other person mind?), but the art style was good and it was pleasant.

I found the concept very interesting, I was sad there was not more gameplay. The aesthetics is clearly the best. I don't really see the theme that was "height" except for the neon part, then I didn't not know if the result were just random and what was the differences between the three choices. 

I will try more and more to finish the game, but great job man! Nice pixelart, really, simple but nice music, and I love 2d plateform puzzle, so... :)