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I'm glad that you liked it - and that you felt scared.

Has anyone reached the ending, yet? That's my favorite part.

Haha, I love this one! I thought that I was playing as a futuristic washing machine, but turns out I'm a gas pump.

I love to harm the humans. I love the little blood splatter effect, and the Wilhelm Scream always makes me laugh.

Pretty neat! I love the moody film-noir feel I get from it... very Blade Runner.

I didn't get it at first, but now I get it and it's pretty fun! But, can you tone down the scanlines a little? I could barely read the intro.

Other than that, this ranks pretty high!

This oozes Blade Runner - I love it!

However, I wish that there weren't so many people... maybe bigger streets, less people, and more hover cars/taxis?