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Whoa dude! were u tryin 2 break out of my level? Haha yeah I had to remove those rocks as "stickable" objects for many reasons, given the limitations of my algorithm. It was an unfortunate compromise.

This game played really nicely and looked good. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect but it clicked immediately, like "oh! this is a simple rts" and everything worked smoothly. Could see this working beautifully on a mobile device, with a different type of camera of course.

Haha thanks for the complements guys. I'm happy with how this turned out aesthetically. I ended up leaving out some major platforming stuff due to time limits though.

Dude, very smooth game, and it looks really nice. Felt good shifting them rockets. Really nice job! Also, I did a really crappy version of that "run from the laser" bit at the end of my 2013 7dfps entry, so it was nice to see it done in a much better game :P

lookin reel nice bud. I like them books and door handles

Yeah man. I think this might be cool if the camera always pointed outward from the face you were on? Or maybe something entirely different that I havnt thought of? I agree that it was nearly impossible with the free cam. Nice work though. I could see it being intense if just the cam were changed.

This was a solid game with nice visuals and music. It played pretty well once I got the hang of it. It was unfortunate that there wasn't any audio feedback. It felt much more awkward to successfully walljump or attack targets since there wasn't any feedback for it. It will probably feel much more awesome with some sounds, considering it already felt pretty fluid.

It certainly became easier when I embraced the idea that I could keep jumping up the same wall, and just circle around pillars. Not sure if intentional though :P.

Anyways really great job, especially for a 10 day game jam. This was one of my favorites so far :)

Sick music. Sick visuals. Simple but polished concept. Great job.

I really think you guys should upload a new version with hard as default. I came to rate the game, then saw people suggesting hard, so I played again and now I feel like I'll rate it higher because it feels more responsive.

Haha this is one is one of my favs. Great simple concept that actually got me a bit immersed in the event.

It felt pretty cyberpunk to me guys. I like to think of Dave as mostly prosthetic (not of his own will). And his fake face and head are forever at odds with his flashing human soul.

Rad visuals, even if the text was a bit hard to read :P

Sorry for apparently confusing directions. The objective is simple: When you get out onto the concert floor, you AVOID the FIERY DEATH tiles and try to SEEK OUT the RED tiles. When you've hit a certain number of red tiles (the remaining count displays each time you hit one), you can move onto the next section. When you finish all 3 sections and get to the stage, you win and you get to jam and save the day, etc.

Enjoyable and well polished. Nice job! I didnt feel like I had much dodging ability. Like if I agro'd a guard by shooting him, I would always take like 5 bullets in return, and jumping around only meant taking more damage before killing the guard

This had a dope aesthetic. I've got a Doom-lava-sky boner, and the music was fitting. I kept getting hung up on things, even some things that were invisible to me, which sucks since the few times I could go fast felt good.

Your visual style for 3d is really nice. It made me crave some Zineth. Unfortunate that it was just the one level. It's the kind of thing that I would have liked to explore more of.

I'm stoked that you went for the 2 player thing. Nice job.

Neato. Nice aesthetic. And I thought the "any key to hack" was pretty funny.

Groovy  musik ;)