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Hi, is there any chance of being able to pay for the game but not to use Paypal? 

Thank you

This was excellent! Love the reveal at the end and almost like a Junji Ito manga, the full reveal which would be a 2-pager is a full cutscene. The main character's arm looks very dangly, like she doesn't have joints! The character designs, especially the faces, look very close to Junji Ito's elongated face style. I want more! 

Very clever twist, getting used to the level design and people on the way down then coming back it's flipped! I ran out of bullets and health, had 40 or so bullets and couldn't find any on the way back so made it really intense so I just booked it. Little did I know, there are cheats here. The checkpoint is too far away, but now I know I can use cheats, should be a breeze lol. 

Probably grossest moment was in the room where everyone's eating and the soundtrack integrated the slurping and munching *eww*

Immersive sim?! Sold

I like the scanline aesthetic in the (unskippable) cutscenes, reminds me of Killer 7, although the text is hard to read with the colours.The lady character looks like a badass.

I like the concept of having to switch bodies to avoid falling to your death, but failure is confusing cause even when I hit the ground, I'm still going so it feels arbitrary when the game could end. The movement is really slow so sometimes I'd forget to move and just transport, which is why I never liked getting the katana sword cause then the targets are too far away. The gun models are way too big, even bigger looking than a console game's Field-of-View. The HUD is confusing cause you're falling so fast that I didn't have time to check what the bar on the bottom meant.

There is potential here, and I'm intrigued for more.

So awesome.

This is brilliant and effective, congrats!

I only ever made it to wave 6 :P

A bit slow on the crouch speed, but I liked it. Very cool aesthetic.

One of my favourites from this game jam! Really awesome.

Reminded me of that old Battlefield game where you could possess any player or vehicle.

Oh god, it's inverted! On a mouse!

Silly bears, apples are for humans!

Web version doesn't seem to be working for me, no downloadable version?

Gave this game some love in the video I did, and got to go on the roof!

See you, space cowboy...

Wish there was a downloadable version of this game, deserves it (also makes for easy video making). Very cool experience nonetheless.

I like first person melee and there is room to improve here, my video explaining my opinion:

But I never found a horse :(

Pretty simple but alright.


Like Desert Bus, I bet someone out there is crazy enough to wait 604,800 seconds for the human to appear and I'll just wait for that video lol.

Very big game. Is there an objective or way to end the demo? I just explored around, ate stuff, slept and a bunch even if I didn't have to. Sometimes interacting with objects was a bit fidgety like opening boxes.Either way, loved the relaxing atmosphere. I only realised later that if you moved in the direction of the red flag, then you'd pick up wind speed (is that how it works in reality?).Cool and descriptive name for the game.

This was fantastic! You're right about staying level, I died because of that. Going to replay more of it. Really polished from sounds to visuals.

Ok, this was awesome! The enemy variety makes for really quick strategic planning and executing, which is rare for many FPS these days. Really have to be careful where you SHIFT when lasers are around, that laser hallway is actually the hardest because of the enclosed spaces compared to the second last sandbox hallway. I wish the SHIFT visual didn't blur cause it can be a bit disorienting. Either way, got a Rank A so I'm happy. 

I think I forget to say the visuals are amazing, would love more pink in shooters! 

Out of the 90 7DFPS entries I've played, this and War Of Toys are the best shooters out of the bunch.

I thought it'd be another Slender clone or something but that was just a cool and mysterious adventure puzzle game. Also, late title card! XD

I like that strafing around can bunch them up and makes for easier clearing out. Died a few times but really cute ending. Interesting that I couldn't tell apart the genders.

Felt like a fetch quest having to get a cheese bit back to the home one at a time rather that collecting multiple. It's alright. Do like miniature scale in games.

Very cool momentum ball popping shooter even though I'm not so good at it :P

I wish this game had bots because I love flying around in this space just by clicking on tiles randomly and want to test my skills out :P Very cool grainy cyber aesthetic and music.

Riding around is really cool, really nice aesthetic, although the shooting itself didn't seem to do much and was stuck on what to do.

It's SUPERHOT with a sword! I like that you can actually cut the missiles.

lol this isn't terrible, it's actually a really cool kind of turnandtile-based shooter, reminded me of SUPERHOT.

This was pretty awesome. Once you get down that flanking the cannons is the best strategy and they have a slow turning radius, it's a breeze. Only issues I have is since the level design all looks the same, I wasn't sure where the end of the level blue pad was, or how many cannons were left.


Very cool, glad you made it.

This is so hard but really cool!

I don't know how I was doing it, just held the button down but man all those lovely particles! :D

This is brilliant, just well done. It's like a Hitman FPS. Fantastic dynamic music. Because it's random targets and movements each time, I ended up playing this for hours! :D

Just wish the Wanted level actually went down when no one's around to notice me in the corner.