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Unfortunately this is more of a closed system. It's written on the back of an open source game making system called LOVE2D. This build is from LOVEDOS and it runs the way it runs due to the interpreter used to turn LUA (what I code in) into C. It's compatibility is untested in most cases as far as I know so you may be able to just play it on an old system without any changes needing to be made. In order to change it I would have to alter the source code which is way above my skill level at this time. You're, of course, welcome to try it on whatever system you like and I do know it runs in DOS on at least a K6-2.

Wow! Thanks for all the information. I don't know what changes could be made to the original program I used to make this which is LOVEDOS as I didn't write it, but it is open source. Still a lot out of my league to change it though. I have been looking into other ways to make native DOS games, even going so far as to look into Assembler (scary), but this was a quick and somewhat dirty way to get a taste of the dream of making a true DOS game.

Perhaps next I'll remove the middle man and make something directly in C and compile it myself to see if I can squeeze a lot more out of the little room I have to work with.

The game mimics an older game which had lives, but a one hit death counter. The idea was more about skill and repeating than powering through it. I'll either need to add in lives or add in more hits to balance. As for the bone and the double jump the answer for that is the same: The blast from the shotgun acts as a "push" when you're in the air. So aim down, jump, then shoot. You'll have enough force to get over the bone as well as make it over some of the platform issues.

Local two player without split screen? The future is indeed now! Great music, interesting gameplay similar to X-Com and other turn based combat games. An excellent addition to the Cyberpunk game jam!

When I started playing I was like "Paper's Please?" then I saw the description and was "Oh!" Love it! Spent nearly an hour just pulling hands apart and putting them back together. Even without a story you can have a lot of fun with something like this especially if you know anything about electronics. Luke Skywalker needs to make an appearance! XD

Love the visual design and color choices. An excellent entry for your first game jam!

Interesting design and basic gameplay make this a fairly entertaining game. The addition of life from exploration gives it an edge of strategy as you can't just barrel through combat without finding new areas. Great job!

Fun and profitable! Could do with a bit of sounds and maybe some tunes. I saw that the "Music: On" option was working, but I heard nothing. A bit of lag every once in a while, but otherwise a good ride.

Love me an adventure game and the intro sequence is very excellent at showing a Cyberpunk realm. A little confused on where to go after the start. With only a silent TV as exposition and sudden (unexplained) attacks in the dark. The character also walks a little slowly, but that's probably purposeful. TL:DR - More exposition, pls.

Beautiful game. Great music. Very BladeRunner feel. Gameplay is a little confusing as hunting down one blocky man with a slightly different texture than a hundred other blocky peeps is a bit difficult. Probably what it'd really be like though, right?

Excellent work. From the description it seemed like Pacman (collect dots, avoid meanies, grab powerdots), but once in there it's much more. Only issue I had was getting used to Up = Out and Down = In rather than up and down.

The original mouselook script locked viewing to 60 degree angles, but it can be changed in the code. I'll have to take a look at it. Thanks for the feedback!