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ZonoS CyberjamView game page

Endless 3D space shooter
Submitted by Floggs — 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline

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thanks for the comment VR.   I actually have a version that's much more difficult, but I won't cheat and update the game during the voting process.  Once it's done I'll update the game.  But the final version will be much more than this.

Thanks again!

I also included it in an article on indielicious


I really enjoyed this,  although I eventually had to quit because it was feeling like there was no difficulty ramp. Might be interesting to introduce health pick ups and only restore a smaller portion of health after each boss. Also maybe experiment with mouse aiming for the guns to counter some of the criticisms about the aiming. Really polished and looked great. Occasionally difficult to "read" my ship when explosions were happening in the distance but I have similar issues with a lot of colourful shmups.


Sweet game! I love the paths that the enemies follow. Also, fat house backing track.


Really nice game! Love the graphics and all the special effects (the explosions look rad). Had a rough time telling what I was aiming at and a health bar could be a useful feature but except for that, a really good game.

Have a go at my entry: A Logical Dive

This game looks SO nice. Really nice job! I included it in part 12 of my Cyberpunk Jam compilation video series, if you feel like giving it a look :)


Congratulations on your first game jam!
It feels incredibly nice to play, so fluid. I really like that camera angle, though tilting the camera down slightly more might help to see the bullets and where they are targeted. The overload of visual effects is really nice and suit the theme really well. I'm not a fan of that font though.
My only other comment is that you shouldn't feel like you have to apologise for your game, it's great entry! Nevermind about the bugs, it's a jam game, we understand :)


The visuals really fit the cyberpunk theme. The effect of the dissolve shader on the floor is extremely cool when you're fighting a boss. :)

The only thing I missed was a health indicator or visible damage on the boss, because you have no clue how effective/good you're doing against the boss.

Very nice entry for a first game jam! I actually made my first game ever for this cyberpunkjam (so it's also my first game jam ever!). Here's my entry:


thanks! yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I'll definitely correct that.  But on the other hand, when I end up making a full version of this, there will be various weapon types and those will be the low damage but rapid fire ones.


very nice visuals. love that planet in the background.

The bullets that the player shoots are very tiny though :)


btw, thank you for the great comments!!


yeah. sorry about the difficulty.  There is a bug where the trees don't hurt you, so the difficulty is nurfed.

Not much I can do about the graphics issue.  This is probably due to old graphics drivers or an unsupported video card.


My videocard wasn't drawing those textures wih alpha.  :(

Evenso I had to work hard to die.

This game is awesome. You are awesome.

Awesome game, nice visuals/audio. Super impressed.


this game looks and sounds awesome :-)


Love the visual design and color choices. An excellent entry for your first game jam!