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Pretty good puzzle game. I really like that lasso animation. 

You should try out Super Murderwolf if you haven't yet. :D

I'd like to play, but no controllers. :( I did watch Pizza Pals stream it, though. Looked really good. 

Try out Super Murderwolf if you haven't yet. :)

Hey, Nox and I enjoyed this over some beers. Fun concept!

Make sure to check out Super Murderwolf. <3

It's definitely inaccessible, but once I figured it out, it's quite good. I couldn't get past wave 4 because the timer becomes too quick. I think it would be better if the "Learn to Swim" screen were less obtuse, because the game really isn't very difficult, but I couldn't understand the controls until putting in some trial and error with them. The audio was sick and the starfield animation is powerful.

Art was top-notch. The mouth movement animations were rather amusing. Well done. 

I'd super appreciate it if you gave Super Murderwolf a try. <3

Woah, that really fucked with my depth perception. Interesting premise. 

Try out Super Muderwolf if you haven't yet. :D

The flowing dress animation was a nice touch! I think my high score was about 30, the difficulty ramped up a lot after that.

Check out Super Murderwolf if you haven't yet! It also has hoverbikes. :D

The voice acting was actually pretty good. Didn't feel like there was much of a threat of losing the game, though, so I didn't get as emotionally invested as I would have if there were a more obvious time limit. 

Hey, I'd appreciate it if you had a look at Super Murderwolf. :)

Really appreciate the attention to detail with things like the dust blowing up and the hair movement. Nice work.

Check out Super Murderwolf! :D

Wasn't expecting that hot girl-on-alien action. I don't usually like these sort of games, but this is one of my favorites so far. As much as I like the music, it does make it difficult for me to read at the same time. (Could be a personal problem, though.)

Check out Super Murderwolf if you haven't yet. :3

Nice colors! The edges of your pixel art seem blurry- you should try scaling with nearest neighbor, to preserve the sharp edges. Also, light grey text on a light purple background is hard to read.

Hey, try out Super Murderwolf if you haven't yet. <3

Pretty intense. I think I was experiencing some lag, though.

Try out Super Murderwolf, if you haven't already. :D

I really like the feel of typing in commands - wish you could backspace, though. 

Hey, try out Super Murderwolf if you have a minute. <3

Really well done, love the art and animations. Pleasantly surprised! 

It'd be super great if you had a go at Super Murderwolf.

The crew loved my raw chicken with tofu, lol. I couldn't seem to chop anything, though. Check out Super Murderwolf! :D

Looks good, pretty fun, but I always run out of ammo :( Grappling hook is sweet when you get a good grip with it.

Check out Dayglow Empire.

Challenging, but fun and well made. Sweet references in the typeables.

Check out Dayglow Empire.

FLOW BASED PROGRAMMING! This is great. Super job!

Check out Dayglow Empire.

As others have said, you can't answer no at the terminal, and you also can't play again without refreshing the page, but I suppose you know that. I like the terminal, but I couldn't get very far in the game in a few tries...and it's such a hassle to have to go through everything just to try again.

Check out Dayglow Empire.

Wow, oozing with polish.

The footsteps were a nice touch. Play my game. :D

I like the blue! Check out Dayglow Empire.

Just rated. Make sure you check out mine. :)

Quickly became too fast to go through rings, so I could only get two but I could probably fall forever (into your arms.)

Play our game! Luv ya <3

I like the color red. Play our game.

One of the more playable games in the jam, but the character and the orb seem jittery for some reason. It also was difficult at first to distinguish what items were lasers to be avoided and which were just decorative.

Is it weird to be emotionally disturbed by being caught by red squares? I don't know, but I think it means you made a good game. 

Do me a favor and check out our game if you haven't already. :)

Truly an incredible amount of polish for six days. One of the few entries that actually provoked any sort of thoughts or emotions. Nice work!

Try out Dayglow Empire if you haven't already. :)

Sweet game! I love the paths that the enemies follow. Also, fat house backing track.

Holy shit this game is good.

Pretty buggy for me after the first few minutes, but fun when it works.

Surprisingly enjoyable after I figured out how to play.

Interesting mechanic, nice colors, and an end-to-end experience. Well done.

The controls shown in game are incorrect. It says that "S" is to move right.

Well-written, with a good variety of characters. The pixel art is a nice touch.

I could tell this was going to be amazing. THIS IS SO FUCKING FRENCH. I love it. Tombe!

Easily one of the best of the jam. Good work!

Not quite a game, but trippy indeed. 

Check out Dayglow Empire when you get a minute.