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Thanks all for the constructive feedback!

The game was designed originally as a 4-player online coop but then when I realize that not many people will be able to play the game, I have to adapt it to make it playable in single player. This transition diluted some of the important aspects of the game design that was meant to work well in a multiplayer environment.

You can always try the game in multiplayer mode by launching two or more instances of the game in different browser windows but this is not the same as playing with actual players online :)

Thanks for playing!!

Perfect! Gorgeous! Well done!

I wanna watch Blade Runner again now :)

Interesting game. Nice level design. The ambience is great! That futuristic car was awesome :)

Looks good!

I am not sure if anything will happen if I reach 100%, I reached until 33% but nothing changed. Also, I didn't find any specific use for A/D keys?

lovely game but needs a lot of polish. Great work!

I got stuck here after the hacking failed. Can't move at all:

The bandits are invisible, no idea when I am under attack and couple of other gameplay issues.

looks good.

You get punished even if you are at the edge of the blast radius. For eg: I couldn't find a way to get out of the 3 slow rockets. I did a small jump over the rocket that was on the lower right but then kept dying even after that.

well made! very interesting.

It'll be good if you include the tips in the description, I missed the tip on the wall jump and kept failing to do so :)

Nice game! I wish I am that good in typing :|

OMG. awesome! Reminds me of Roadrash back in the days but without guns. Great job! Its missing leaderboards and other stuff and it should be ready to hit the shelves :)

Gatling gun seems a lot powerful and effective than shotgun? Also, it doesn't look like melee attacks do much damage. I just pick up gatling gun every time and go crazy. Hardly used melee attacks.

Love the ambience! controls are very fluid.

Disable the context menu and let me know.

Nice atmosphere and the controls were great!

May be you should have lock the cursor to the play area for better fps experience.

so hard and fast paced.

Nice work!

super hard but looks nice. I couldn't even manage to pass the first obstacle :(

Very cool. Best one I have played so far!

Loved the mechanic and the character movement. The controls are well tuned.

The 'Lives' in the HUD always stays at 0, whats up with that?

Awesome! Simple and challenging. Soundtrack is fantastic.

I manage to get to 8 :)

This could be a nice educational game.

well explained and executed!

Nicely done!

I am not that fast in typing so I definitely such at this game :)

Also, I found that the bounce from the side walls is a little bit too much.

Nice loading screen! I recognize the music :)

Input key choice is very weird especially 'Left Click' to jump.

Good work!

It would be nice if you highlight the area at the top where it will be going to attach itself based on your mouse position. Sometime I think it'll going to attach at some place but then it attaches itself somewhere else. Breaks the rhythm of the game.  

nice, but hard.

It would be nice to provide an option to inverse the left/right movement controls. I keep getting mixed up.

Awesome game! Everything about this game is great. Nice use of logic gates!

May be I didn't get it right or the level is like that but I get stuck in the level couple times in different locations and I couldnt find any way out. Kinda frustrating.

Like here:

Great work!

Good game! I had fun. However, if you miss the floor where the chip is there is no way to go back up.

very nice visuals. love that planet in the background.

The bullets that the player shoots are very tiny though :)

Interesting. First droid is kinda hard to hit, my mouse cursor keep going off the screen.

Intense music!

I was able to navigate on of the corporation people to the the chip position but they never picked up the chip?

Also, it would be easier if I were able to select the guy I want to move or do some other action and the 'End Turn' will signify the end of my entire turn and not just the end of turn for one member in the corporation/punks.

It appears to me that the chip was somewhat closer to the corporations than the punks. Is that the case?

Some of the mechanics reminds me of the board game called Ground Floor :)

Visually very appealing! I think this is one of the perfect examples that demonstrates how a really simple idea if presented well enough can change the player's perception. Great work!

Kinda hard though. I managed to get to the 6th wave :)

Using any graphics engine?