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Thanks for playing! I was able to pick up a little of what you were talking about thanks to the visuals, but yeah sadly I cant catch the full meaning.

Sadly I didn’t create the engine so I can’t help a whole lot. There is a trouble shooting note about mouse sensitivity below the games description. If that doesn’t help you out I can’t do anything more I’m afraid! 

I sourced all my images from royalty free sites and then just hacked everything together from what I could find. I worked in high res then once I had all my frames I lowered the res to make them crunchy. 

wow this looks super comprehensive! Great job. Thanks for including my game for the examples.  

I watched it myself. Thank you!

Low res textures and models mostly. 

The PSX filter in the options is actually the PSX filter asset from the Unity store. I only use it to apply a lower render resolution and some subtle grading.

Thanks for playing and the kind words!

Thanks for playing!

I am honestly surprised how undying this game is, it was suppossed to be a silly 6 week jam game, yet it seems to resonate so well with people. I have been tinkering with a design doc for something more fleshed out and do dream of getting to it at some point. The truth is im also working full time as a developer these days, so not a lot of time for side projects sadly. 

Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate the love this game has garnered. 

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed your time with it and thanks for playing! 

No I left in for the speedrunners!

The game is on an old hard drive so it's a little hard to check, but from memory a lot of the stuff is just at max. I probably would have made stuff like turn speed even faster if I could as its all quite sluggish.

Thanks for the support and kind words!

Yeah! Inspired by dungeon synth and Aubrey Hodges. 

Thanks heaps for playing! I did love working with the vibe of this world so I might do something more with it. The game was made for E1M1 jam and we had to use RGM engine (which is jank as hell)  so that is why it has some odd mouse behaviour and other things that are impossible to fix. 

You are more than welcome. Thanks for checking first. 

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Congrats on getting to the end!

It's a little hack. I used an invisible treasure to trigger the vocal line =)
Sadly RGM uses 1 sound for all treasures or I would have done more.

There is certainly some unexplained hacks can pick up along the way. If you havn't already you should check out Something in the Water, Sean did lots of cool little things in his game.

Thanks for playing!

Ranged enemies will automatically drop ammo at random. It’s a janky old beast RGM good luck! 

It does not im afraid.

Thanks for playing!

It would have to be moved out of this infernal engine though. Bad movement and gunplay hurts my soul. 

Thanks for playing! Diablo 1 was the first game I ever truly loved, so it influences all my work in some way!

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I appreciate the feedback, but please understand it was a requirement for the jam to use this buggy engine. I have literally no control over those aspects of the game.

If you want something a little more polished please play my other titles "The Fruit", or "Pigsaw".

I only have PayPal for itch because of tax reasons im afraid. If you can't sort out a PayPal just send me a DM on twitter I will give you a free key. @chrisyabsleydev

Sadly I can not fix this. The RGM engine is one janky piece of software. I hope you enjoyed your time with the game anyhow. 

Hello! Thanks so much for playing, your playthrough was hilarious. Honestly all the problems you encountered are limitations of the janky engine we were required to use for the jam.

The jam also required us to only build 5 levels, which is why it’s short. Once the jam is over I could extend it but the engine only supports 5 monsters so it would just be stretching the same content over a longer duration. Realistically to make the game bigger it would need to be moved out of RGM and into Unity. 

Thanks for the play through! Good luck building your channel, you will gather subs in no time, you’re too funny. 

Thanks for playing! Yeah you get the very specific vibe I was going for.

If the engine supported some sort of difficulty selection I would have made it harder for sure, but RGM is just too jank.

That was quick! Thanks for playing and making this playthrough.


Fun take with the RGM engine! I liked the shift in environments and overall upbeat high fantasy energy.

Big satan energy. Loved the monster designs and especially the moody soundtrack.

Oh man, I loved this so much. You squeezed absolutley everything you could out of this engine. The tone and overall atmos were just top notch. Gave me them sweet Condemned vibes.

You found my little eldritch boy! 

Thanks for playing! 

Thanks for playing. I love them crusty dungeon vibes. 

My bad I forgot to tick one of the boxes. This should be working now!

Thanks for playing! 

Sorry about that! I think it needs a save system too, but it was sadly outside the scope of a 6 week jam game.

If it helps there are key commands to skip levels. F2 to skip to next, but you will still need to pick up items.

You should move about 1/3 through the saw pit and then switch lanes. This will allow you to get to other side. The video on this page shows me doing it if you are still unsure. 

You can also level skip back up to where you were with the F2 key btw.  

Thanks for playing!

Working on something atm for the next horror jam. So one month from now =)