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Email me and I will send you the key manually - rezoner1337 / gmail

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Lemme check. Maybe I need to add new ones.

edit: It says I still have 66 keys on Itch, but I have asked for new ones so maybe that solves a problem. However it can take up to a few days.

Hi, thanks. Yes I had a rough time and went a little overboard with the scope but never stopped to work on it :) Just please take a note that my recent showreels are not released yet and you are still getting this 2 years old version. I recognize your name by the way - I am using your mech models for testing purposes.

Hi, can I have the .txt model to test it with SpriteStack :) ?

You can message me on twitter

That fake sprite, dope! 

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As rude as this answer is - No. :D

I mean it's so huge any estimation I make gets delayed. For sure earlier than April 2020.

ps: I have unlocked browser based spritestack version for your patreon account. It may take a while for the system to recache users.

As an intermediate solution please create a FREE patreon account and let me know your username. I will unlock the online version for you. Sorry but that's the only thing I can do until the next release.

Hiya, sorry to hear that.
Does the online version works for you ?

Yes you can export the whole scene as a spritesheet. 
128 limit is due to performance. I could probably work around this to support even bigger sizes but it's not the focus of this software - it stops to look like "pixelart" at that level of details and you should consider more effective technique if you need voxel objects of that size - probably low poly 3D would be a better fit. SpriteStack is for making game objects like units, chracters, buildings that look like games from 90's

The new version will work exactly like MagicaVoxel. Single model size is still 128x128x128 - but - you can combine as many models as you want on a scene composer view.

It's a palette based software. In older version there are 64 slots - in new version there will be 254 slots. You are allowed to use any color you like but there must not be more than 254 unique colors in your model - which I doubt you will ever need.

Sure it exports slices for spritestacking. And it's the only software that exports animated slices. Each row is a slice while each column is an animation frame. If you mean a technique used by NIUM game it totally does that.

If you mean animating your stuff voxel by voxel it's not supported yet but I do have such plans. Currently it's streamlined for more efficient bone based animation where each part is a separate voxel model. Single model can be 128x128x128 voxels in size. Models combined have no restriction (it works like Magica Voxel). There is a huge rework to be released with the new version so don't judge based on the current one :) There are so many excellent upcoming features that I will probably rise the price to 50$ next year.

Thanks, I am also excited. Can't wait to see how people are going to use it.

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Looks great. I am really glad you like it :)
Keep exercising as the next update will let you get really productive with spritestack.

HI there. In the next version it will be easy to change origin (rotation) point of an object. You can still do that in animator module pressing pivot button.

Hey. Very good point. I will add custom count of angles.

Interesting. When I am done with the update I will supply you with a version compiled with a latest release of node-webkit instead of legacy that is currently being used.

I am sorry but that's beyond my reach as I am using node-webkit and if it doesn't support your GPU there isn't much I can do about it :( 

VOX button is currently broken. It will be working again with the next update. Sorry that I cannot fix it right away but the update is huge and the software is in a state of open surgery :)

Hi there. You can test editor in your browser

You can probably find the EXE and make a shortcut to avoid using Steam Client after installing it (through Steam Client tho)
On Itch you get both manual download and Itch Client.
Anyway using Client will allow you to get auto-updates so I do recommend that.

I will send you a key when I am back home from holiday. It's going to be around 15.08

It's on a purchase page. If you got it other way there is no Steam key attached. I can send you one. I am on a holiday until 15.08 without access to my pc.

Thank you. I can assure you that I am far from being done with that tool. When I finish polishing editor I am going to implement animation features that will take it to another level.

Please send an email with your nickname to

I have a build using old version for you to test.

Please send an email with your nickname to

I have a build using old version for you to test.

Please send an email with your nickname to

I have a build using old version for you to test.

At least we know it's not your PC issue entirely. Have your tried today's update?

That's great news for me aswell :)

Can you try updating SpriteStack now? Restart your app if the auto-update doesn't start.

Yes it's totally about WebGL 2. Although the older builds require WebGL 2 as well so I have no idea what could change. Maybe the newer version has your GPU blacklisted

I will try to compile a new version using the older libraries soon :/

Are you using it throuh app or downloading manually?

Was the exporter working for you earlier? This error says that WebGL cannot be initialized.

Yes of course :) I am waiting for Valve to send me the keys so I can add them to itch purchases.

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3D preview was one of the feature unlockable for patrons. It is him who copied my models - not the other way around. I 've been using them for months as the main marketing point - if u have followed him more closely you would notice that he removed that tweet where he accuse me of stealing his models right after people proved that it is HIM who took my models :)

I never claimed that I invented sprite stacking. The key to understand this case is to know the circumstances. He became a patron to get a glimpse of upcoming features copied them (symmetry, 3d preview, etc) and rushed a release knowing I am about to release too. The only unique feature at release time was the custom palette. I wouldn't have a problem with that if he copied it AFTER my release but his intentions were clearly to outpace me with a butchered version of my own software and use the hype I've been building by using the same UI, similar name, hashtags and even clumsy copy of the main marketing assets.

Yes. It's sad