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This is pretty fun and looks great, with more polish I think this could be wonderful.

I really enjoy the art and music. great aesthetic. Seems like fun I just wish i wasn't so aweful at it. great job!

I really love the visuals and the music. The perspective is really interesting as well and makes it challenging. Really good job!

Really wonderful aesthetic and extremely well polished. I wish the music was a little louder. Incredibly fun as well although i though the waves dragged on a bit.

Really nice visuals and sound, some more obstacles would be interesting. Nice job overall!

This was pretty cool, I found it hard to figure out if i was moving in the beginning because every angle looked the same but once i figured it out t was quite fun!

This is a lot of fun. I really enjoy the jumping when it gets higher and the colros are really cool.

Some sound would be nice and more visuals in the car scene. Pretty fun little puzzle game though!

This is great! it took me a while to find out what i was doing but once I figured out where the manual was it became a lot easier. Ton's of fun and i love seeing all the new requests the people want. the radio is a great addition as well! my favorite game I've played so far in this jam!

I couldn't figure out how to win, it seems like everything i did made me get game over. cool music and art though, nice job!

I like the aesthetic and the music a lot! the gameplay is pretty interesting but i felt like the randomization could be better cause when the robots are on the ede its very akward to  hit them.

I love the setting and the art. the screen filters are super rad. A scrollign background might be cool but other than that it's great.

really cool aesthetic and I like the characters a lot. very well done!

This is one of my favorites yet, I really enjoy the aesthetic and the atmosphere, very polished and a ton of fun!

I really like the look of this. Really great modeling and atmosphere.

This is very polished, nice job!

Great idea, I really like all the little details in the conversation and the world. nice job!

This is great, I love the mood created with the music and the city itself. the game is very challenging but i got really immersed in the chase. wonderful job!

I really like the look and the concept of changing colors. a button to drop down would be nice though and also if you just stick to yellow and jump it becomes super easy so some sort of obstacle that requires switching colros would be cool. Nice job though!

Cool art and challenging puzzles, I feel like the difficulty ramped up a lot all of a sudden but maybe i'm just bad at puzzles. Still fun though!

I like the music and the environment a lot, it all feels very alien. I couldn't find anything, but it was fun getting lost.

I like the characters a lot! Some more obstacles would be a nice addition, good job!

The art is cool and it controls very well. I'll definitely try more of this if I have a friend over. The resolution could be a bit smaller.