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Thanks! ^_^

Thanks! ^_^

You can add more frames as text in the Game data tool ;)


I played your game yesterday and I loved it ;)


I appreciate that a lot coming from you ^_^

Thanks! ^_^

Thanks! No problem ;)

so glad you like it! :D

Very good explanation ;)

Just and exit in the same place of the item to pick. The new room has an item with the same picture of the sprite

Good work!! I made my #cyberpunkjam game with puzzlescript too ;)

Good work!! I love it ;)


@preludid_pictures it was a mistake at first, but i love it ;)

@rezoner Constraints (puzzlescript 5x5 tiles) can lead us to amazing work ;)

I can't live more than 5 seconds :D 

Good work!

Great game!

You could have set the add wire mode by default. I have no idea how to remove wires without remove modules

Thanks to everybody.

"When I fell off the building after going through the door, I thought I had died."

It's the link with the theme image ;)

Smartphone + autofire  ;)

Thanks :) 

I have to adjust it a little.

More weapons and enemies in the next update