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I left a longer review (on itch & the Ludum Dare page) but I wanted to comment here too, for what an amazing game you have made.

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  • An option that would make it so all threads are "subscribed" (ie. the thread names would be in bold if someone posts something, even if the thread hasn't been viewed before)
  • A "mark all as read" button for the whole forum.
  • The layout of the "next/previous/first" page links seems weird to me. I would find it more logical if they were ordered "First page - Previous page - Next page - (Last page?)", but maybe that's just me.

I made a simulation game – which seems to be my main genre atm, 3/4 of my games being simulation – about humans being born, reproducing, and dying. The circle of life or something I guess. I'd say it's my most polished Ludum Dare game ever. Maybe even my most polished game, period. Left click to place things, right click to change what you're placing!

Link to the Ludum Dare page
Link to the page

It's mostly just that I like low level stuff. I'm also a bit obsessed about being the one to make everything in my games. And I'm lazy and can't be bothered to learn engines ^^'

Just to clarify, I haven't made games big enough that they would need actual proper engines with all the cool features, so my "engines" aren't that much of an undertaking. Also, haven't yet made one in a low-level language, just Java and TypeScript so far.

I've used Unity for my last two Ludum Dare games, but that's pretty much the extent of my Unity usage. It's good, but it's also a non-open-source commercial engine. So a few minus points from me.

I've made a few games in LibGDX, but I don't like it that much. Probably something to do with Java and my negative attitude towards that.

I've made a few games in Phaser, and I like it. I don't like its "sprites are gameobjects" way of doing things, but otherwise, it's pretty great.

I've also made my own "engines" for many of my games. Currently I'm making a very simple 3D engine with TypeScript and Three.js. I intend to use it in the Ludum Dare in a few days.

And then to the programs I use:

  • IDE/text editor: For Java/Scala I use Eclipse, and Atom for others. (Which are mostly Rust, TypeScript and C#) I also used to use emacs, but Atom seduced me with its looks.
  • Graphics editor: Paint.NET, Blender, learning Photoshop
  • DAW: LMMS, Reaper
  • Timelapse tools: For screencapping, I use scrot if I'm on Linux and Chronolapse if I'm on Windows. For making the screencaps into a video, ffmpeg.
  • Streaming: OBS

I have a few games I really liked, but haven't thought about them much since. These are Portal, Bastion, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Megaman X and some others I don't remember.

But if I'd have to pick a favorite, I'd have to pick two (or three). Civilization V, Fallout: New Vegas and Undertale. Civilization I probably love so much since it was the first 4X I properly got into, and still play to this day. Fallout: New Vegas was just such a good RPG, and the graphics didn't bug me as much as in FO1/2.

Undertale seems like just the greatest game. I guess I can't judge it as a game, since I've only seen let's plays and streams, but man, that game is something else. I'm kinda disappointed that I didn't play it by myself, but I really wish I had. It was a great experience even though I wasn't the one playing the game.

Civilization 5! I just keep returning to this game for some reason. I didn't play it much before the last expansion, but after that I've been playing it for a few days straight every few months. Also been playing Fallout 4 a bit but I don't have the same urge to play it as I had with New Vegas for some reason.

This is looking really cool, I've been searching for something like this for a while now. I've started using TypeScript very recently, and I love that this also uses it! Sadly, I don't have the money to buy in to early access, but I'm very eagerly awaiting the free release :)

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Hello world (of! My name is Jens, I'm a Finnish student/game dev/music enthusiast. I often try to make music, but I probably don't do it enough since I never come up with anything good. So, I'm mainly a programmer.

I make weird little games, only a few of which ever get developed to the point where I release them to the public.

Also, since it seems like everyone else in this thread is doing it, here's my Twitter too.