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Ludum Dare Games Thread

A topic by slimefriend created Dec 15, 2015 Views: 473 Replies: 2
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So Ludum Dare is over and I know many of you in the community participated in it so...feel free to show your game off here!

I'll start:

I made a game with Grahm Nesbitt called BELLOWS.

It's a bit of a weird game about escaping the city using your bellows to propel you upwards. You have to avoid all sorts of creatures and collect bubbles to keep your bellows fueled.

Ludum Dare entry here page here

I made a simulation game – which seems to be my main genre atm, 3/4 of my games being simulation – about humans being born, reproducing, and dying. The circle of life or something I guess. I'd say it's my most polished Ludum Dare game ever. Maybe even my most polished game, period. Left click to place things, right click to change what you're placing!

Link to the Ludum Dare page
Link to the page

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Valk Unit Lawyer, it's a TV reality show about high-speed verdicts against accused souls. Same world as my other project, just cause that's all that's on my mind lately.

LD Entry Link Link