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How did your team form?

A topic by falloneus created Jan 06, 2016 Views: 473 Replies: 1
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When 2 or more are gathered to make video games, that's a what I'd call a team. While I deeply admire the one-person dev powerhouses that make 95+% of their games (like Cave Story or Undertale), I do not find that's the type of developer I wish to be. I really enjoy a collaborative creative environment, but find it hard to cultivate & maintain and I feel like there are others who share this multi-person game development sentiment for all sorts of reasons.

How did you form your team? How did you find the folk(s) you work with and think, "This person is someone I want to share & produce these game ideas with."? Is there a process you went through in recruitment or job/team seeking, or was it born out of something more personal in nature?

It'd also be interesting to hear team-building/maintaining stories you've had in the past that have resolved, for better or worse!

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I should start the sharing by saying that I've worked with good friends, fellow students (back in high school), as well as finding someone through posting flyers around at game shops. I am saddened to say that none of my collaborative experiences have panned out; most folks let other things in life take priority. The only game I've managed to finish & release started with an artist and ended text-based.

It's also quite troubling/surprising that since travelling the country for the better part of the last two years through the medium of DIY music and touring I've found zero folks who pursue game development, even on a casual level.