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[Composer][Fusion 2.5 Programmer][QA/Testing] game jams (free)/ small projects (paid/skill-trade)

A topic by falloneus created Feb 15, 2018 Views: 142
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This is kinda long, meant to weed out people who aren't very serious. Thanks for reading!

Free: Super small/short-term projects; can't be distributed commercially w/o pay or skill trade; I retain rights to all music.

Paid: Open to proposals for projects that would take 2 months or less to see through; rates vary based on project scope.

Skill Trade: Will produce content for your project in exchange for content of equal value added to a project of my own OR hands-on tutorials for certain skills (I want to get better at making more things!).  


  •  Currently: 
    • artists who specialize in serene/pretty landscapes and maps
      • In the Future
        • game/level designers
        •  relatively advanced HTML/CSS programmers  

Tutorials (for basic understanding/tools to get started):

  • 3D modelling (Blender or free alternative)
  • PICO-8 
  • Unity


Here's my expanded portfolio (including my active music project, Every Day):

Game-related experience

I'm currently looking to assist projects with their musical needs, granted some pickiness as to the project's content and scope, plus additional criteria:

-Game Jams: I will happily work on a non-commercial game jam for free. The game jam can't exceed more than a weekend's worth of casual work, and I would maintain full ownership and distribution rights to the complete soundtrack. If the desire to make the project commercial should arise I'm open to payment/trade and ownership discussions.

-Short projects: I will make up to 5 minutes of music for a small, non-commercial project for free (you can squeeze a lot of loops out of five minutes). Seeking skill-trade for most small music projects, and I simply request to be credited and to maintain full ownership and distribution rights to the complete soundtrack. Commercial projects are accepted with payment/trade and rights negotiation.

-Long-term projects: I don't currently have the time to commit to a heavily-involved project, but am open to serious proposals for paid projects (time is money; you've got money, I've got time!).


Programming [Clickteam Fusion 2.5]: I've spent hundreds of hours as a Fusion hobbyist building and tinkering w/ custom 2D platformer/Metroidvania engines, a point n' click adventure game about Jack Nicholson, a digital deck-builder, and various smaller mechanics that I just wanted to get working for the fun of it. Unfortunately I've not yet completed a full project in programming, which is why I'm posting here!

 -Game Jams: Same as before, I will happily work on a non-commercial game jam for free. The game jam can't exceed more than a weekend's worth of casual work, and we'd have to discuss the distribution. Will only program for a commercial project within a skill trade agreement.

-Short projects: I will program a relatively simple custom 2D engine that falls within my skillset for a non-commercial project. Must agree to a skill-trade.

-Longer-term projects: Currently unavailable.


QA/Testing: I love trying to break games. I even partially discovered a game-breaking glitch in Environmental Station Alpha just by pushing the game's mechanics to their limits. I also have edited and tested my own game The Ceramic Uncertainty which contains hundreds of branching story elements and plot paths.

I'll keep this simple: I'll test a jam/small project for free/trade + credit, long game must be paid/trade + credit.


ABOUT ME: I'm a 23 year-old professional multi-genre composer and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, vocals, midi, LSDJ/Chiptune) who has been deeply passionate about creating and enjoying music. I have 11 years experience as a musician (blessed with 5-years professional work; mix of part & full-time), grew up marveling upon Sega Genesis, SNES, NES, and Gamecube soundtracks. I also have independently studied game development since 2012 dedicating myself to the Fusion series of Clickteam game development engines.  I've had an abundance of collaboration within the music world and have only recently started gaining momentum in collaborative game development projects. Also low-key excited about making friends through game development.


If you read all of that and are still interested, send me a direct message on Twitter or comment with a way for me to privately send my email address to you.