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What are the controls?

A topic by JoshFTL created Sep 27, 2016 Views: 8,842 Replies: 17
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Hello! I've not been able to find a list of the controls. I have only been able to work out left click for attack and WASD for movement. I can't find buttons for things like blocking :)



Here is the list:

  • WASD: Move
  • Left Click: Vertical Sword Strike
  • Left Click + (A or D): Horizontal Sword Strike
  • Space: Jump
  • 1: Equip Sword
  • 2: Equip Bow (Must be unlocked by upgrade)
  • Right click: Alternate fire. With the bow this rotates the arrow 90 degrees, which can be useful for enemies that are not moving sideways.

Allright, so now let's talk about Blocking!

Blocking happens automatically whenever two swords collide, even if you're both swinging.

If you find yourself with a sword flying at you, try to position your sword on a collision course with the attack.

Even better, if you have time to avoid the attack, let your opponent hit empty air and step in for a counter attack when they're over-extended:

The blocking in Clone Drone in the Danger Zone attempts to emulate a split second reaction rather than a static shielding stance.

Hope that helps! :)


that does help! Thank you

Are you the youtuber?



how do you kick?

Jump in the direction of the enemy, then press jump again when you're next to it (but before you land).
Note: You have to press one of WASD to indicate which direction you want to kick.

The easiest way to do it is to start on the ground then quickly double tap next to the enemy.

It's possible to kick sideways, as well as forwards:

Did you find this confusing??? So does everyone else, which is why kicks are getting an overhaul for the next release. :)

You could do that you just have to jump into the enemy or like you use an alt fire with the sword, i don't really know :/


Yeah, I'm leaning towards an alt fire.

i can`t turn

i can`t turn around

just use a mouse...

hello I don't know how to upload a steam workshop level.  how do I because I got the game on So can I know how to do that?


Since that relies on Steam workshop it is not available in the itch version.

If you download the Steam version, all your data is shared, and you can upload it from there:


also it says I have to go to the purchase page and find get steam key but I couldn't find it

will there be multiplayer?

my friend is thinking of getting the game with me and i was thinking it would be cool if there was a co-op or battle 1v1