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So immediatly when I saw that you would make it so that we have the game on steam I got a bit sad. You understand my steam account locked itself on me and so I can't use it. I'm sure there are others out there that can't use steam, atleast please still have it here so we can play it.

Maybe even shields

Maybe chain weapons or Funny goofy ones like you hold a mini trex (bow re-skin) and the arrow is a little roar

Different Classes :O

Kind of so that you can like modify or sharpen your sword to make some things better while other things get worse

I thought it would be cool or something if you had different weapons which did a different amount of damage, swung speed and so on. Just wanted to bring it up :P

You could do that you just have to jump into the enemy or like you use an alt fire with the sword, i don't really know :/