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Different weapons

A topic by jonte24jonte created Oct 11, 2016 Views: 340 Replies: 11
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I thought it would be cool or something if you had different weapons which did a different amount of damage, swung speed and so on. Just wanted to bring it up :P

Kind of so that you can like modify or sharpen your sword to make some things better while other things get worse

Different Classes :O

What weapons do you think would be the most fun to play with



Maybe chain weapons or Funny goofy ones like you hold a mini trex (bow re-skin) and the arrow is a little roar

Maybe even shields

I think that weapons that were on the hands, like brass knuckles, would be cool.

You technically already created a grenade...

Guns like maybe shotguns that you have to manually reload, or maybe stun guns.

Maybe cannons in the walls? So that would make you get a projectile weapon like a bow or a gun.


Maybe a Spear that has longer reach but no horizontal attack.

A Battle Axe that swings slower but hits harder and unbalances enemies when they block.

A Boomerang type weapon that can be thrown at short range but leaves you defenceless until it comes back

I mentioned in another thread about arena hazards the idea of fire (or plasma) causing damage over time and spreading.
Worth mentioning a flamethrower/ plasma-thrower, but I think that may turn out to be imba. Unless the range or effectiveness was dampened, like needs a constantly applied before the burning takes affect. Just a thought.