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Best Practices for Updating Devlogs?

A topic by ZappForThat created Dec 03, 2015 Views: 998 Replies: 14
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Any best practices or don't-do's regarding updating devlogs? I had initially thought to add content to the bottom of the OP with a time-stamp, but with so many images and gifs being posted, that page would get super heavy in no time. Also, removing/editing content from the OP would seem to defeat the point of a devlog so I'm a bit lost.

Additionally, when an update is posted, how would anyone know? Perhaps changing the title of the post:

  • "NameOfGame - UPDATE 12/2/15"

I would say just put updates in a new post. That way you can bump your topic back up, and the limit of number of posts per page should keep the image/gif loading from getting too out of hand.

hm, I'm not sure that would be a functional devlog at that point though. I would also be concerned about bloating search results and making newer info harder to find as time goes on.

Generally, I think tesselode is correct. Posting bumps your thread, which increases visibility and is what you want. Simply editing your original post won't do anything for visibility, though editing the title to outline an update is helpful, as well.

A devlog is just a development log - it's however you log your development of your game or project, I think. It's not like it has to be in a particular format or media to be a devlog as opposed to other formats. Some people make video devlog updates from time to time. I make them from time to time for my projects, actually. Yeah, it's difficult to find information in those videos, but they're very segmented and easy to spread around. Of course, videos being a combination of your game in motion and commentary that explains things can make it more concise and visually appealing than a lengthy text post, so your mileage may vary.

I'd say a "Do" is to answer people's questions; don't just post updates and then just leave until the next update. People like to feel engaged with game projects they're watching. Asking questions and getting them answered is an important part of that. Also, looking at and following other projects will help to establish you as a part of a helpful community, which is nice.

A "Don't" would be to bump a thread for no reason. Wait until you have something to post to update your thread, I'd say.


I think it would be interesting to have a mode where only the OP can post top-level, and have newest posts on top instead of the other way around. From what I know about lapis-community, it wouldn't be too hard to implement either?

I think that would be the best option, it keeps the newest stuff at the top with all the discussion grouped by update.

I agree, Keeps content organized and would be a more effective timeline. I wonder if users would still be able to associate comments with the appropriate updates though. Perhaps comments could be grouped under each "top-level" post? Might get a bit complex that way. idk, just a thought


On the TIGS forums generally people make a single thread for a devlog and then post updates in replies. This is one of my mine, for example. Optionally, you can update the first post from time to time to reflect the latest version, but probably stick to a short summary with any edits. Seems like a good format.


... also probably put the current version number and major announcements in the thread title (if it's possible to change this after posting).


It's definitely possible to change it after posting :)

Yeah, thanks for the feedback :)


This is relevant to me, since I have a pretty neat idea to fit the current forum UI. Basically, I make mostly little games and update them almost randomly, so I figured that it would be tidier to create a single thread. I would describe games in separate posts and add updates as replies to those posts (hoping for collapse buttons in the future). Main message of the thread would have some latest updates described and game list with links to specific posts. Does this make any sense?


I think one of the most important things in keeping people interested in doing it regularly. If it's once a week or once a month, people will eventually know to come back and have a look at your progress. Otherwise it's very easy to lose people's attention :


I tend to do what the OP described for major updates and add an Update with a timestamp to the original post.

In addition I add in a post to bump the thread and summarise the update itself.

This way I get the benefits of having a single continuous devlog post at the top while also having a thread people can go through. Also get a bump for each update.

I personally don't think this makes the thread too verbose, and I'm not sure bandwidth is *too* much of an issue.

What are your thoughts?

That's probably the best workaround that I've head thust far tbh.

My only concern is that, given the nature of the media, the OP is gonna get huge. For users w/ less powerful machines or slower internet, the barrage of gifs and images might get really heavy. I don't know if there are safety elements built into the site that stagger content loading, but I haven't heard anything from the devs when I've mentioned it in the past.

Thanks for the input, I'll have to update my OP. I've been adding updates through comment only.