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When will the next update be released?

A topic by JoshFTL created Apr 29, 2017 Views: 494 Replies: 5
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Hi! Loving the game and eagerly awaiting the new additions. Do you have an approximate date for when the next update will be out? If not, no worries. Best of luck with development!


Hey Josh,

No date as of yet. I am working on a much larger update so it will be a good while.


There is a youtuber that claims ownership of your game. Idk if its your youtube channel or not but here is the video link:

Read the description. He says he made the game in the description


Hi Mostwanted! Checked out the video, thanks for the heads up. But this Youtuber is most likely lazy, not intentionally deceitful. As it turns out, he just copied and pasted the description from the itch.io page into his video description. Check out Dasius's description for the game HERE and you'll see it's copied verbatim. Fynnpire does provide the link to the itch.io page as well where Dasius gets the appropriate credit for creating the game.


LOL!!! I clicked on it and instantly knew I was being trolled. But thank you for sending me the link anyways.


Glad to hear it's still being developed! Love the game!