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A Place For Youtubers

A topic by Backslash Network YT created Nov 30, 2015 Views: 1,705 Replies: 9
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(Since it's technically not dev related, I put it here.)

This is your chance, take the spotlight! Introduce yourself, what makes you unique, show us some links (your best videos or playlists, I guess), which type of games you like to play (is it your channel 'niche'?). Maybe, just maybe, some dev will read this thread and ask you to play their amazing game.

I'll start off: We're Backslash Network, we're a couple doing let's plays. We mostly do indie games and Minecraft, we love sandbox and building games (Well, Minecraft) but we also like quirky and story games (Fingered, Initial Conditions). Tilde loves cats and animals while Backslash is crazy. He does the sandbox games.

We're glad we can make people happy, being a Youtuber is our life goal so all we want is continue to do that.

Here's a video you'll like, I quickly play through the winners of the Ludum Dare 34 to give you a good preview!

List of Youtubers here:


Hey there! My name is VoiaGamer, and I do daily gaming videos. :) You all should totally check out my channel, especially if you enjoy horror games! I've done many games, such as Five Nights at Freddy's, 123 Slaughter Me Street, and more!

You can find my channel here!

Thanks for reading. :D

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Hello! I am Jupiter Hadley, a lover of indie games and especially game jams. I tend to try and cover ALL of the game jam games entered into a single jam, in a sort of preview format. I also do single Let's Plays of indie games. My goal is to show off the hidden gems in the indie gaming community that you might not get a chance to see otherwise. I try and focus on the littler guys, though from time to time I do still cover some bigger games.

You can find my channel here and all other info about me here!

If you are a developer with a game you'd like me to play, please email me at


Hi all!

I cover all sorts of games and has been a great resource to me to find brilliant projects to cover.

My channel is and if you want to send me a message (I know it's a silly email address) is the best place to do it :P

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What's up everybody!

I'm EdMisterr (pronounced as "Ed-My-Stur or Ed-Maester"). I'm just a random Dood that plays just about anything as long as it's fun, scary, funny, interesting, or just plain entertaining. I definitely enjoy playing indie games (hence the reason why im here) and right now, I've been on a roll with @Pizzamakesgames content. I like to do silly commentaries during my gameplays which I suppose would be the highlight my channel, especially when I tend to fail alot. I can be serious too, but I only get serious if the game is DEEPLY intriguing to where I decide to actually do a playthrough of it.

You can find my channel at !! You can hit me up as much as want there as long as it's not spam. DEVELOPERS, if you want me to try out your game, you can contact me at! It's not really mutually beneficial at the moment because I'm just a small channel, haha. I also love to talk about new ideas and other business related stuff as well.

Hello All

DownTimeDistractions is a channel dedicated to games, but as time goes on we will branch out into more topics. The channel is new and small scale. But I do it for the love of gaming and entertainment.

I mainly stick to indie titles or sometimes bigger budget titles if they look interesting.

If you want me to take a look at any new titles please send me a message on my channel.



Hey guys! I am an up and coming youtuber who will start out with let's plays but I'd like to move to other things eventually too! I just recently found this site and I absolutely love it! I do not have a bunch of videos up yet but I do have a let's play of me playing one of the games I found on this site: Seven Weeks of Cat Monarchy! Check it out and if you enjoy my videos likes and subs are always nice :) (P.S. my first two videos are really bad if you look at other videos but everything is better now)

hey guys join me on my journey in becoming a youtuber and inspiring ppl to be better for themselves so please add me like my page and follow me on youtube to watch me get scared as hell for your entertainment!!

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Might as well join :3

Hey Everyone Foxee Here and thanks for joining me on this lovely day indoors where the weather is always perfect!

I mostly play Pc and Playstation Games.

Its nice to be apart of this forum and see all the other content makers.


I've begun a quest to play more weird/bizarre/surreal/trashy games than Vinesauce has and thanks to Gamejolt,, Increpare and GloriousTrainwrecks I've managed to amass 500 games so far (whether they're all high enough quality for videos is yet to be determined).

So far games like #21: The World, Leechbowl and NOCLIP have been particular standouts. I'm always on the hunt for more material so please if you have anything even slightly weird email me at and I'll definitely download it for inclusion.