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Very entertaining Unity experiment with good voice-acting and a sense of humour I was NOT expecting. A nice change from the somewhat pretentious games that go for a similar thing I've been seeing recently.

Neat little experience. I'm sorry to say I broke it quite horribly. The good news is that happens a lot so I wouldn't worry all that much :D

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Really awesome LoZ-homage roguelight and one of my first actual attempts at playing a roguelike outside Space Beast Terror Fright. I really loved it and wouldn't mind seeing an expanded version in the future (:

Neat little turn-based game, and one of my first ventures into the subgenre, and while I didn't get all that far (probably inexperience), I really enjoyed what i got to see. Thew character sprites are a highlight. Is that a shell on legs??

Played on stream and was completely surprised. I've never played a game like this before (not because there's few of them but because I'm a bit sheltered) so this was a really good introduction for me (especially since I ended up playing Tiny Thief after it, which was very similar). IT'S DEFINITELY CHALLENGING. I'm not so good at puzzle games, though, so maybe it's just me. Thanks for the experience and for being gentle on introducing me to turn-based roguelikes.

Yeah, pretty much explains it :D

I loved it but holy shit that boss is stronk. Is it possible to beat him or are my skills just not up to par??

That thing I did with the many melons and crashing the game made it so much more fun to play tbh.

Of course I had to give this a shot on stream. I can't wait for the day you do something with mechanics to match your bizarre visuals.

(It's about halfway through the video)

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I'm not a fan of visual novels -- I find them fanciful, predictable, and very often poorly written -- but this one's outright anarchic approach makes it more of what i can only describe as an ANTI visual novel. Nothing is idyllic or straightforward, and nobody knows what they want or how to get it. It has a message that speaks directly against the established norm for the medium and it delivers it well. Not to mention the art is grotesque, the humour is on point, the language is relatable, and the soundtrack is non-invasive and sometimes chilling. And, thankfully, unlike a lot of trans-oriented media, I don't find this to be preachy or heavy-handed. I think it communicates the psychological aspects of dysphoria with a very welcome dash of subtlety.

Also, it makes an AWESOME video thumbnail.

I'm really keen to check out the full thing. The story is too fascinating to end on a cliffhanger d:

(I wish I could speak like this out loud but while playing I could only manage a few awkward grunts...)

The game really improved since the prototype, and I really had fun with it. If you ever decide to expand it, might I suggest randomly generated rooms and different times for difficulty levels? It may give it some more replay value (:


I voted for it on Steam Greenlight and I'm playing it on my Youtube asap DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME

No, it was definitely live action, possibly with voice narration, and the lead was a woman dressed similarly to indiana Jones (:

Played as part of my weird games showcase, and it was a pretty bizarre and comical experience. No room is boring. There's always something going on in every corner. Sadly the games I covered before it were so much more shocking or abrupt I wasn't as surprised by the ending as I should have been.

Played it as part of my weird games showcases and had a lot of fun. It's a lot like Crap No-one Loves Me except simpler to learn (though almost as difficult to master) and...well, burgery. I'm going to have to start coming up with a name to describe this genre of fast-food themed games, I'm finding a lot of them recently.

Considering it was made in a week, I'm impressed.

This was a fun little game. I definitely enjoyed hitting people with sticks and have them react precisely as they should in real life. Thank you for granting me my wish.

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I played this during my weird games showcase and it was pretty cool and deeply unsettling. I have public anxiety really bad and THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I DON'T GO CLUBBING HOLY SHIT. All I want to know is...what do the trophies actually do?

This game is probably the weirdest thing I have ever experienced and I was simply lost for words. Please continue making games. I will play THEM ALL.

Gameplay at 20 minutes in.

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I played this as part of my weird games videos. I went in blind, didn't know the real name, and didn't get the intro dialogue, but regardless I loved it. Took me a few attempts to learn how it worked and I have to say I'm definitely interested in your future content. I'm just sorry I couldn't finish it before I had to move on!

Downloaded and prepp'd for recording. Hopefully in the next few days. I'll keep you posted (:

I've downloaded it and I'll be recording over the weekend, so when it's done I'll post a review. Thank you for replying (:

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I posted this in another topic but I'm not receiving many replies on other sites so I want to make it more visible. I think this is the right place to post it.

I'm in love with Vinesauce's Getting Weird With It to the point where it inspired me to make Youtube videos of my own. I started doing gameplay because people wanted it, but recently (since I hit 1k subs) I started adding videos I really wanted to do from the start -- the weird, surreal and trashy. I love being confused, bemused or in stitches and sharing it with others.

Thanks to Itch, Gamejolt, Increpare and Glorious Trainwrecks I've managed to scrape together about 500 games (whether they're all playable or not is yet to be determined) and I check back every day for new releases. So far games like #21: The World, Leechbowl and NOCLIP have been particular standouts.

I'm on the hunt for more material so please if you have anything or know of anything even slightly weird/surreal/trashy/otherwise appropriate to the Getting Weird With It vibe, please post here and/or email me at and I'll definitely download it for inclusion. I'm also willing to leave honest feedback and ratings in return.

Thank you,


I've begun a quest to play more weird/bizarre/surreal/trashy games than Vinesauce has and thanks to Gamejolt,, Increpare and GloriousTrainwrecks I've managed to amass 500 games so far (whether they're all high enough quality for videos is yet to be determined).

So far games like #21: The World, Leechbowl and NOCLIP have been particular standouts. I'm always on the hunt for more material so please if you have anything even slightly weird email me at and I'll definitely download it for inclusion.

I felt it only right I give it a proper shot, so it made it into the next video (:

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I played this as part of my Weird Games Showcase and unfortunately I think I broke it :C The eyes wouldn't eject from the cannon properly and reinstalling didn't help. If it wasn't just me and you manage to fix it, please get in touch with me so I can play it again.