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Weird, Surreal and/or Trashy games - WANTED

A topic by true&honestdev created Feb 16, 2017 Views: 276 Replies: 6
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I posted this in another topic but I'm not receiving many replies on other sites so I want to make it more visible. I think this is the right place to post it.

I'm in love with Vinesauce's Getting Weird With It to the point where it inspired me to make Youtube videos of my own. I started doing gameplay because people wanted it, but recently (since I hit 1k subs) I started adding videos I really wanted to do from the start -- the weird, surreal and trashy. I love being confused, bemused or in stitches and sharing it with others.

Thanks to Itch, Gamejolt, Increpare and Glorious Trainwrecks I've managed to scrape together about 500 games (whether they're all playable or not is yet to be determined) and I check back every day for new releases. So far games like #21: The World, Leechbowl and NOCLIP have been particular standouts.

I'm on the hunt for more material so please if you have anything or know of anything even slightly weird/surreal/trashy/otherwise appropriate to the Getting Weird With It vibe, please post here and/or email me at and I'll definitely download it for inclusion. I'm also willing to leave honest feedback and ratings in return.

Thank you,


I am pretty sure that the Adventures of Butt Saves Christmas applies to this topic.... check it out!

There will be more episodes of this game in the future, I hope you like it.


Joseph Bourgeois


I've downloaded it and I'll be recording over the weekend, so when it's done I'll post a review. Thank you for replying (:

yeeeeeay! Thanks, I can't wait to see your play through :

Flex Armstrong is an iron pumping hyper hero who fulfills the requirements with ease.

Downloaded and prepp'd for recording. Hopefully in the next few days. I'll keep you posted (:

It would be the first video of my games by someone other than me. Very cool!