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Where's ending 3? I've been playing for a while and I can't find it.

Played it! Hope you make it, you're at 28,000 of 30,000. :) 7 days to go! Come onnn Kickstarter!

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Played this game, couldn't get above mixed reviews! This game is relentless. O_o Pretty fun apart from the carpal tunnel that I'm developing, but I guess it's worth it. I really hope you make more games in the future!

Finally it's coming out, everyone get on Steam now! Because by the time you're reading this it's probably already released. :)

First two Acts of the game, go buy it yourself though because it's worth it:

Thanks so much Jumpsuits for the months of hard work, it's inspiring to see something so big and beautiful come to a finished product. Hoping for many more from you guys.

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I'll leave my vid here, hope you get to make a lot more games. :) You did well at the type of game you were making, definitely drew me into the story. Hoping for more real soon!

Here's mine.

I fell in love with this game while I was playing it, it's the most fun playing a game that I've had this year. Har har. :) Thanks dev, keep making games please!

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I was so looking forward to this game and I'm happy I got to play it when it came out. I haven't played the whole game yet with every choice but I'm planning to. :) Here's my playthrough with maybe soon all endings:

People really like your game, that's awesome! :D I had a lot of fun playing it too, it's one of my favorites in a while.

Had a lot of fun playing through your demo, hope to see your full version up soon! :)

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Had to play this game. xD Please keep working on this because it has a lot of potential.

Here's my playthrough:

I thought the art style for this game was really cool and there were some funny moments that I caught. :P I might do a full playthrough of all the levels so here's my first episode:

This is the scariest game I've ever played! :D I really loved it for my channel, you can see my reactions here:

My hair was on end, I'm such a baby haha.

Wow this is deep. :) Thanks for making this, I played it only once like you told me to.

Congrats with winning the Ludum Dare. :) I was playing a lot of the games but didn't stumble onto this one until after voting. Thanks for making a really cute game I can make puns about, hope to see you around for the 35th!

I put your game in my Ludum Dare compo Top 10 video :) Congrats you made it that high out of all those entries!

Played through it all, enjoyed it when I wasn't dying. :) Really love your art style.

Hey, :D

I played this game for my channel, I can't believe it hasn't been played a lot before. The style is really cute and the fact that it's educational makes it interesting. I hope you'll finish it and I hope you get more playthroughs. Here's mine:

Hi! :D Congrats with your shared 8th place on the Ludum Dare, that's a real achievement. You made a game that's lots of fun and has really cute animation. I'm playing it now for myself but I put it in my top 10 Ludum Dare compilation, here's the video:

Watch the entire video to see previews of all 10 LD overall winners. Your game starts at 2:30. Thanks for making this, I hope you get a lot of coverage.

I played it! :D You're the same devs from Meowtastic Present Panic. What happened to ApplePaddle's Twitter?

Also what's the fourth ending I wanna put it in my next video. :3 Here's ep 1:

Got my viewers saying this revolver got some major KICK to it. Great game mechanic, only the spikes were a bit OP too me. Music and gameplay are really good! :) I wanna know why everyone's trying to kill that guy, haha.

This game looks really beautiful so I played it for my channel. I really liked it! Thanks for making it for the #LDJAM. :) Are there any endings or power ups?

This is a very fun game and I've had the honor of meeting these devs in a livestream, they're very professional and committed, so be sure to check out their other games too. :) I love music and games so this was one of my favorite, you can find my playthrough here:

Played this game and I got a 27 high score, thought it was a lot of fun. I challenge you, reader, to beat my score. :) Here's the video:

I'm playing this game for my channel and it's hitting viewers pretty deep. I'm loving it though, I see you got more interesting games like this on your website. :) Hope you all get the media coverage you deserve for this and keep making more. I tried to give feedback, so here's the link:

This reminded me of a game of chess against yourself, but not knowing the direct outcome anyway. Do you get "Oh, if only we could start things over..." for all endings. It was nice having this conversation, not sure why he has to go. :)

Very good 5-10 minute short game, really enjoyed it, I played it for my channel so it'll be up asap, I'll link you the video if you're interested. :)

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Not sure what to do after the clocks won't budge. It started raining. Do I play the guitar? Help. :)

I got to level 12 and then stopped. Needs more colors for higher levels, more panic! :D Loved this though.

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Oh hey I posted a let's play of this on my Youtube channel today, I thought it was absolutely beautiful. :) [SPOILERS; Here you go].

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Hello Game Devs,

I'm Tilde from Backslash Network. You might've seen me around at the Asylum Jam Gamejam.

What I can do: Drawing digital & traditional, story-writing, make music (I made my own Youtube outro music), design, advertize, socialize, live stream & simple coding. I'm looking for a dev or dev team that's already going to participate in the LD Jam but is looking for someone to complement their team. I would really love to do concept art/character design/story design, but that might be too specific, if you're looking for what I already mentioned, don't be afraid to contact me. :) Here, Twitter, or email upon request.

A few art examples:

Here's another art:

I want to play this game so bad. Is it okay if I record a let's play of it? :)

I love Shibas and cats, this a great time to be alive.

I'm using Chrome on a Windows. I click attempt and it stays a link, when I'm done clicking I have 20+ energy depending. It only works when it says you succeeded and get +2 energy, then you get +2 per click and doesn't unlink until I go out the screen to "survey my work", then it doesn't let me go back. (Which is good)

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I found a slight glitch while replaying, the food in the kitchen can be click-spammed, giving infinite energy so naps aren't an issue anymore. I got to smash everything because of it but I don't think you want that in the game. :P

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Very enjoyable, very realistic too. :) Thanks for making this game and I hope you'll make more. I recorded this for my channel, here you go:

Stood on the table and rummaged the closets.

Thought he was gonna kill me if I kept turning off the lights too. :P

I'm having the same issue, still not resolved.