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Balthazar's Dream

A puzzle platformer set in a wonderfully peculiar world of a dog's dream. · By Psilocybe Games

Any YT videos of this game yet? Post them here! :D

A topic by Backslash Network YT created Jan 03, 2017 Views: 271 Replies: 5
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Here's mine.

I fell in love with this game while I was playing it, it's the most fun playing a game that I've had this year. Har har. :) Thanks dev, keep making games please!


I honestly had a ton of fun playing this game even though I suck at platforming and plan to finish it, here a video on a play through I did so far.


It's a short video just to show a little of the game, don't judge it too harshly :P


It's great you guys took interest of our little game at an early stage, thanks! I'll contact you when the full version is released :)


Did this on a live stream, and It's an awesome game.I like the design and the colors of it.

Had just posted a comment and link on Balthazar's Dream's Gamejolt page and thought I would share my video on here as well! I already wrote down a whole post on what I thought about the game on there so if interested go check on there, since I don't want to clutter and repost a long critique on what I thought about the game. So hope you enjoy seeing Balthazar fighting against the dreaded Cathulu~!