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So you want a job but don't know how to start, welcome to the HELLO Simulator! You might not land the job & place you want but working with ghosts don't seem too bad. This is a really cool and interesting walking simulator with a lot of neat speach bubble route options to go with different endings! Can be a real eye opener for some people like all of the wonky art and graphics which also makes it fun to explore around! I feel like there are a lot of secrets and other places I wasn't able to find but was certainly fun to talk with some of the people around me... they are just shy to show themselves...

The whole idea of you being a sloth and riding to get the best time is just silly and fun! Specially with the different colorful worlds that make it really different and having to go certain ways to get to the end adds in pressure to get it done on time! I may not be the quickest person on the road but I bet if you call Uber and recommend Sammy the sloth I think he will get the job done!

Had just posted a comment and link on Balthazar's Dream's Gamejolt page and thought I would share my video on here as well! I already wrote down a whole post on what I thought about the game on there so if interested go check on there, since I don't want to clutter and repost a long critique on what I thought about the game. So hope you enjoy seeing Balthazar fighting against the dreaded Cathulu~!

Got some expensive antiques that need to be put up on display? Maybe even some priceless pieces of rock columns from the old Greek century that should be put on a pedestal? I would say that I am the best at doing those things or maybe I should just be hired as a museum guard...

The game was super super fun to mess around and put things where they are supposed to! Definitely recommend anyone to just play this game BEFORE they start watching a video on it just because of how silly and fun this is!

Ounce you go into the world of Niva, you feel like it's hard to get back out of this wonderful but colorful place. The game really has brought my curiosity to explore every new area while also the music is so calming and relaxing which made it such a nice environment to play. A few glitches here and there but it's a over all really cool game, and maybe if it had an option to interact with some of the creatures in the game which can make it even more fun for small mini side game stuff.

After having so much fun playing Prison Brawl a long way back, was super stoked to see another cool game in the making! Soccer may not be everyone's cup of tea but when it includes wacky ragdoll like this game it's a lot of fun. Would be very interesting to see if there was an option to select different area's to go to than just city. But it's super cool that you can just roam around and do what ever you want with the ball and players!

Really like how cool and simple of a western game this is! Wasn't able to beat it but it was really interesting trying to be tactical and be wary of how much bullets you both get and use. Keep on making games~!

A very different and unique platforming game that has a lot of cool idea's and potential! Really eager to see how much more you guys will put into it and definitely started following this after seeing that it was on steam greenlight. The movements of the little stick-man is really fluid, while also the transitions make it feel like it's not too harsh and actually moving along with the character's movements to either go forward or backward was a clever way to move onto the next platform. It's very fascinating and can't wait to see how it all comes out!

Also played this and wanted to share it, hope you don't mind~!

The art style and gameplay of this game is so much fun! Would be really cool if more got added into this but the whole idea of you being a raccoon bandit and getting gold is such a clever idea~!

Also did a video on it and to learn how to be a wild west bandit!

Gonna wrestle down and throw in those prisoners back in! Some people may not like the wacky prisoners but I really liked it, it just takes a while to get the hang of it and know when to use the bullet time! A lot more people should play this game~

Adam does a great job catching those prisoners though!

The game is just so peaceful and relaxing ounce you get the hang of flying around. It has a few things like hitting the ground that could be done a bit better, seen a bit of the comments of mentioning s about the flying and could be tweaked a bit yes like when flying straight up, but other than those I really enjoyed playing it!

Made a video about it so hope you don't mind.

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This looks really like a good game! I hope you don't take it the wrong way either but I just want to say out that the controls aren't very clear. I tried to play this game a few times and even tried to put my controller in to see if that was the issue and just find the keyboard controls to be unclear. I want to play this so much! Could you maybe put a game page on the menu or just on this page saying what controls to use and what they are? ( If they are actually on the menu screen or another site then I apologize )

A game with double the awesome music and rad dancing skills! I find this such an energetic and positive message type of game of just dancing your heart out! Both by getting the person to like you and dancing on the floor! XP Was super stoked when this game came out and recorded it when it did but uploaded it just recently. Team Lazerbeam you have won my heart, please keep on making really cool and positive games like these! <3

Hope you don't mind me sharing the video~

I am a big sucker when it comes to old cartoons, and when I found out this game I just fell in love with the art style and story of the game. Grampy just wants to go on a date! The simple layout of the game also was very easy and was fun to get Grampy's date Greta some comments on how well we did. I really do hope you and the other team mates who made this game to either continue or make games with the same style because it's just so adorable and fun!

I also did a video on the game if interested in seeing it~

Saw this on my rerecorded games to play and had a lot of fun playing this scary type game! The noises in the games also were very spot on which I appreciate a lot and how the scenery changes slightly to what you type in the game was also super cool but scary to see. I got stuck a few times in a few places on what to type out but figured it out and really do hope that if you guys do continue to make a game or from this game then I am very eager to see more of it!

I also did a LP of the game and hope you like it~!

Aw that kinda sucks about the hacking scores. But hope your having a nice week and just thank you for sharing the game! <3

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For a very colorful and unique scooter game it's really fun to play! Was having a bit of difficulty at first but got the hang of it over time, and not the best of scoring either but that's fine! I don't think its possible to beat the top 46 second mark anyways XP. Really interested in playing more games that you guys make and hopefully more scooters in the future!

I also made a Lets play, if you're interested then here ya go~!