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Team up for Ludum Dare 34

A topic by Amos created Dec 03, 2015 Views: 2,988 Replies: 20
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Some people prefer doing the Ludum Dare compo (48h, alone, everything from scratch), but I like to do the jam instead (72h, team work, re-use allowed).

To me, part of the fun is creating things with people I've never had a chance to work with before! So I propose everyone who wants to find new teammates for the upcoming Ludum Dare 34 post a little "jam-dating profile" with stuff like:

  • Skills you practice and for how long (with examples!)
  • How familiar you are with jams (is it your first LD?)
  • What you'd like to get out of the jam experience (e.g. "Finish something for once", "Work in monochrome", "Do something story-based")
  • How much time you think you can put into it
  • ...whatever else you think is relevant to attract team-mates you'd like to work with
Happy jam-dating!

Hello! I'm slimefriend (or Taylor, whichever)

I've been designing + coding games for about 3 and a half years now while attending school for computer science. My games are here

I've not participated in many jams, about 2 or 3. But I will have plenty of time for this one as I will be done school by the time it comes around.

I have strengths in game design, programming, and pixel art (to some extent).

I would preferably be looking for someone who has strengths in sound / music who I could team up with.

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Hello Game Devs,

I'm Tilde from Backslash Network. You might've seen me around at the Asylum Jam Gamejam.

What I can do: Drawing digital & traditional, story-writing, make music (I made my own Youtube outro music), design, advertize, socialize, live stream & simple coding. I'm looking for a dev or dev team that's already going to participate in the LD Jam but is looking for someone to complement their team. I would really love to do concept art/character design/story design, but that might be too specific, if you're looking for what I already mentioned, don't be afraid to contact me. :) Here, Twitter, or email upon request.

A few art examples:

Here's another art:

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Hello, my name is pi_pi3, I'm a developer since 1.5 years and am looking for an artist to team up for this LD. I'm an amateur and an enthusiast, rather than a pro, so I won't mind if you don't have any professional experience. I also don't care about your age, as long as you act mature enough. However I do care about the quality and quantity of your work. It would have to be at least as good as mine (don't worry, I'm a bad artist). It'd perfect if you can do 3D and 2D, but it's fine if you can only do 2D. If you can do music and sound stuff too, it's even better, but it's not necessary.

Edit: My engine doesn't have animation support yet, so only static models matter. Therefore all entities would look better if they we're 2.5D (flat textured planes)

I did Ludum Dare 30, 32 and 33. Here's me on Ludum Dare. And here's my Twitter and my page.

I'd like to make a 3D or 2.5D game for this LD, as I'm developing a 3D engine. It would be a great test for both myself, the engine and you, if you're interested.

I'd probably put about 40 hours of work into it.

I live in Europe, so timezone stuff, you get the drill.

Free feel to contact me on Twitter, or per email:

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Hey guys,

I'm a programmer finishing up my bachelors in computer science and I live in the Central Coast of California. I've been trying to program bad games since the beginning of highschool.

Here's my website It has most of the browser games I've worked on. I'm familiar with javascript with canvas/webgl, C++ with OpenGL (cross platform), and some lua.

Some things I know about in game dev:

  • 2D Spritesheet loading
  • Sound generation (made a synth program to generate fun wav files)
  • Working with different types of noise (i.e. perlin and symplex)
  • Pathfinding (A* mostly)
  • 2D and 3D collisions (last 48h game I developed object oriented bounding box colliding with axis aligned cylinder in 3D)
  • Physics stuff (Did my bachelor's thesis on deformable solid simulation)
  • Networking (Peer to peer connections, as well as peer to server e.g. multiplayer web game using nodejs server. If you try it bring a friend, no one is on usually)
  • Markov chains and basic neural networks (aka weird learning ai)

Can do some shitty pixel art. On my website, checkout Office Party (if it loads for you), Runner (background and character sprite), and Clashers (the most shitty of art).

So far I've only completed 3 game jams, 48h ISR3 with a friend and 2 3h game jams. I really want to work on coming up with ideas that are scaled properly and prioritizing time. I'm also really excited about working with new people especially designers and artists.

I will be free for the entire jam period, so if we team-up I'm ready to put in all 72 hours minus 7-9 hours sleep the first two nights and food breaks.

I can do all the programming or contribute to a project or if you really want I'll do crappy pixel art all day. Let me know if you want to make something cool!

[EDIT: Game I like: Katamari Damacy, Noby Noby Boy, Shadow of the Colossus, Halo 2, Super Smash Bros. Melee, F-Zero, Animal Crossing]

Hey all, I'm Max. I'm a high-school student who's been making games for a couple of years now. Here are the deets:


I do programming in Gamemaker:Studio, game design, and music. If you want to team up with me, I have no particular preference as to which of these I contribute, but it is worth noting that I can only really contribute programming if we use Gamemaker (and it's fine if we don't!). Also I'm very keen on getting some practice doing game music, which I have a little less experience with. So yeah, I'll do whatever we decide is best for the project!


Check out my games here,

and some of my music here, here, and here!


- I have done four gamejams, three of them Ludum Dares.

- I've been using Gamemaker since I started making games (Somewhere around 3 years ago). I've been a musician for longer than that, but my experience making music for games is fairly minimal.

- I'll be available the whole jam weekend, and Monday afternoon. (Note: Eastern standard time here)

- I'm pretty open-minded as far as what kind of game I want to make, but I'll briefly define the type of games I like below so that you have an idea of what I'm into. It wouldn't be good for anybody involved if we are just polar opposites in terms of what we want to make. That said, I'm sure we'll get along fine!

- I want to make, in short: Meaningful experiences, things that go a little beyond the sum of their parts and connect with the player in some way.

Ok, sorry if that was lengthy. If you're interested you can contact me right here, on twitter @thickspit, or at


I'm an experienced indie game music composer. I have been making music for years but taking it professionally around a year ago. And I can do some vector art (I can draw traditionally but I don't have a graphic tablet).

The only thing I know about Ludum Dare is that so many good games coming from this (Titan Souls is the most notable example).

I want to make music for Ludum Dare to expand my portfolio and to push my limits, and probably, if I lucky enough, the game can be developed to be sold.

I pretty much free on the weekend, so I can put all my time to Ludum Dare project.

Check my portfolio here

From it, you can tell that I'm more into orchestral fantasy and pop/rock music. I can make music for any video game genre.

If you're interested, you can contact me at

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Hi gang!

I'm Chris, I'm a sound designer and muso for games from Perth, Australia.

I'm looking to join a dev/dev team to aid in audio. This will be my first jam but have been an audio engineer in the music industry for 10 years. I have my own rig, mainly record and write in protools with and own some great instruments and libraries. I can even do integration through Wwise if needed.

I'm free all weekend and am open to any style, I'd just be happy to be apart of it :)

Feel free to check out my page and get in touch!


Twitter :@headaudiodesign



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Hello :), I'm Nat. I'm a comp sci research-intern/PhD-student, currently living in Japan.

Skills I practice:
I can program (mostly in python, which I've been using for work-work for the last ~3 years, while I've been programming for around 5-6 years). I've been beginning programming games stuff in pygame for a little while (maybe around a year now). The main online evidence of this so far is the game dev thread I just made here... and a bit of stuff on my tumblr.

I did my undergrad/masters in maths and physics, which seems to come in handy for games/programming fairly often :).

I also do some drawings.

How familiar I am with jams:

This will be my first game jam of any kind!

What I'd like to get out of the jam experience:

Well, I'd like to be able to work with a cool person (or a few cool people) to chat about game-dev stuff with and hopefully work with again in the future :).

Ideally, at the end of LD we will have at least some kind of short playable fun/meaningful game. I'm not expecting any level of polish within this kind of time frame, haha, but I want to try my best and have a game we can show to others.

I want to program the game in pygame. I'd definitely be excited to work with other programmers, if they were okay to work in that environment. Apart from that, working with 2D animators or artists would be awesome and I'd be really interested in working with a sound/music person! I think sound really adds a lot to games and it's something I am not at all skilled in at all.

As for concepts and writing I'd to work together on those things (if that interests you as well :)).

I like a pretty big range of games; diablo 2, a dark room, animal crossing, Bayonetta, cookie clicker, theme hospital, spyro, pokemon, god of war, little inferno, plants vs zombies, mariokart, don't starve... I think the only genre I've never gotten into though is FPS, haha, maybe one day! I'm open to a pretty wide range of styles and types of game for LD, but I'd like to go for something short, because I'd really like some level of completion.

How much time I think I can put into it (also notes on timezones)

Like I said before, I'm in Japan, but working with people in other time zones will be fine for me, I don't mind staying up late/getting up early :). I'll be available basically the whole weekend and I plan to work pretty hard for the whole time.... However, I will be on a plane for a lot of the last day, and my experience of plane wifi is that it isn't very good (my fingers are crossed for plug sockets, also, but luckily my laptop battery is pretty good... also I guess I have to sleep sometimes :P). I'll also land that day (then in UK time) so I can hopefully have a few hours to catch up in the final hours :)

TLDR; Looking to work with sound/music people, 2D artists and/or pygame programmers, and ideally, I'd like to share the writing/concept stuff with any/all of those people :).

If you're interested in working together, then send me an email at

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Hey fellow game developers!
  • I've been a game designer for a couple of years and a programmer for 4 yrs. I'm going to use Unity engine because it's the fastest way of developing games for me. You can take a look at couple of my finished Unity games here Also, I draw a little, digitally and more or less traditionally(
  • I've participated in 4 jams so far and this is my second LD.
  • I'd like to do something small and experimental, with interesting idea and mechanic behind it. And with some help, I hope to make it much better.
  • I think that I can put about 3,5 days into this LD.
  • If you are interested, get in touch - mikeprokofyev at gmail dot com
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I'm a game dev / composer.

I've tried Ludum Dare a few times, but I get too ambitious and fail to meet the deadline. As such, I'm really just looking to write a song or three for anyone who is interested. I can put in whatever time is needed to make sure the music is on par.

This portfolio contains a small collection of soundtrack-related work. This portfolio contains some chiptune-styled work.

Contact me via email (brandon at threadsmind dot com) or twitter(@happygameguy).

Side Note: I'm well versed in C# and Unity's inner workings, so I can lend a hand debugging things or giving general development feedback.


Hello I am @CarelessLabs, I like walks on the beach and have a good sense of humour... a corporate dev by day, hobbyist game dev by night. I have been making 2D games for many years on and off, I mostly make platform or shoot-em-up type games but will try out anything. My website:


I have played about with Unity, Game Maker, XNA but love writing Java, I am always willing to try out new languages but for Jams always use LibGDX.

I have experience with all sorts of databases, APIs and have written/setup simple game servers for multiplayer games.


Cyber Punk Jam - A remake of an Amiga classer "Walker", made in LibGDX for the web

Flappy Bird Jam - Made my own clone of the game and posted it to the play store

Meatly Jam - Learnt Processing JS and completed a Super Meat Boy tribute in 2/3 days

LD 32 - Light of the Living Dead was made after playing lots of Nuclear Throne and wanting to make a random dungeon generator, to keep the the theme I gave the hero a light/torch rather than a gun

LD 33 - Inspired by Half Life and Flash Back I created a puzzler/platform game, half wrote a reusable point-and-click engine in 3 days


I love pixel art and 2D games, would be happy to be part of a team making any this sort of game. While I prefer to write code for games as a solo dev I have to try and do the art, would not see myself only doing art on a game but anyway here is some of my pixel daily posts:

Monkey Island

Nuclear Fishing


Um, hello!

I'm Stefan, I'm a graphics artist from Romania (GMT +2) i love pixel art. I'm fast and I work as a full time freelance artist. I also moonlight as a game designer, and I have a few completed games some of which started off as gamejam entries.

I'd love to work with a experienced programmer on this jam to make something AWESOME!

My website:

My twitter


Some of my games:

Graveyard Goldmine

Mythical Graveyard Uprising

UFO: Blackstorm Shield


Hey wanna join designer/coder me(@bastionride) and six/music guy @headaudiodesign for the upcoming LD? We both wrote some posts on itch

Hey sorry for the no response - I got sick for the period and couldn't do anything. Did you manage to make anything for LD?

Don't worry, it turned out very well! I teamed up with SFX guy @headaudiodesign and pixel-art gal @mifmorerak and we've made -

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Hi, everyone!

My name's Grahm and I'm a composer/sound designer for games! I've been working on various projects for the last three years, though this will be my first Ludum Dare. You can check out some of my work at:

My Soundcloud


My Website

Let me know if you want to team up! You can contact me by email at

Thanks! :)

Hey, I'm Lindar K. Greenwood, 28, they/them.

I'm a silicon valley security consultant and I love making video game music.

Skills: I've been writing music for fifteen years. When I was a young teen I wrote music for games that didn't exist and wrote songs based on levels I imagined them having. I record on Pro Tools and track on LSDj on a real DMG-01.

Past jams: I wrote music for one previous LD jam and one 7DFPS, which you can find on my SoundCloud.

What I'd like to accomplish: Be on a well-organised team. I've had to step in as team lead, level designer, and a bunch of other roles, and I would like to be able to focus on music this time. My first and only LDJAM I directed the team, did the level design, and wrote an OST over 30 minutes long for a game no one played because it was too slow-paced.

Time available: I'm set to blow my whole weekend on this. I ditched out on GaymerX to be available for LDJAM.

Check out my demo playlist here:

If you like what you hear, ping me @lindarthebard on Twitter. If you don't like what you hear, check out my Showers for Flowers OST, a world/jazz/acoustic album I wrote and recorded in under 36 hours, and if chipmetal or cheerful accordions and ukuleles don't do it for you then maybe we just shouldn't be friends. :3

Hello! We are a team of two people right now, me for the art and an other guy for the gamedesign/ code. It will probably be in pixel art style, are you interested in joining us?

Hello everyone!
I'm Nicolas, a french game artist student (Supinfogame if you want to know all). 19 y.o.

I'm mostly into pixel art these days. Sorry I'm still working on my portfolio and I don't think there are games I've been working on somewhere on internet (soon).
But you can see some of my work on twitter:

I can use the Adobe suite (Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop...), 3DSMax, Zbrush, Unity (I don't really know how to code things), Unreal engine (same as Unity), Fl Studio (some sounddesign so) and probably other things that I forget for now.

I'll be available the whole weekend.

It's my very first Ludum, but I'd love to work with people that I absolutely don't know, and I'm sure we can have some fun!

(Don't hesitate to send me a message via twitter btw ;) )

I would certintly love to join this jam vest during next week. If you guys still have room.


Please don't hesitate to reply