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Deployable Friendly AI Bots

A topic by Ridiculous created Nov 10, 2016 Views: 261 Replies: 6
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You have tiered bot models and AI.

Why not allow us to spawn in companion bots who target the enemy instead of the player? Maybe at the cost of 1 energy bar, maybe they're temporary and despawn between levels.

How we get companion bots of tier 1, 2, or 3 could be handled in the current upgrade tree.

Or we could earn higher tiers depending on the number and type of bots we slay.


It's an interesting idea! I like the idea that you could sacrifice an upgrade point for a friendly bot that might die.

Just seeing AI vs AI might be fun! :)

Seeing as how the current AI has little, if any, sense of self-preservation, there's no way I'd waste an upgrade point on one. Assuming your enemies target it, it'd die within the first few seconds of a match.

This seems likely. :)

but not mk 3...

It would be good later on in endless mode when theres not much left to buy

Maybe something like the garbage bot that would fly above ennemies and pull them up for a few seconds leaving them weak it would live longer