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You can actually do that easily using the in-game console just press F1 --> god for no oxygen loss and hunger & you can use the giveitem and listitems  command to have whatever you want

To see the whole command list just type help

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Hi everyone !

Adding some ressources to the game will greatly improve the field of possibilty in game if you have some idea of ressources and use for them that are consistent with the theme of the game please feel free to add them to the topic to centrilize them and allow Cairn to choose easily instead of creating new topics for ressources !

A new rare metal : The titanium. Could be found in rocks with a low drop chance as non exploitable fragment that will require to be melted with meteorite fragment to be usable as a Titanium plate.

The use : A new vehicle The Drill-o-matic (name not definitiv :p )

A new rare ressource : The meteorite fragment. Could be found after the rare fall of a meteorite on the planet found near the crash site with something like 7-15 fragment.

The use : Used in the crafting of the titanium plate

A new vegetal ressource : The resin. Could be found when a Tree is harvested given by 1-3 drops that require to be smelted to be used as Rubber !

The use : Rubber could be used to craft wheels for vehicles and isolant for the electricty (stil thinking for what)

The Drill-o-matic : Made from Titanium plate , Metal plate , motors , electronics , wire and component (and Rubber wheels ?).

A high cost vehicle slower than the buggie (like a lot slower) used to remove rocks easily and quickly (quicker than the jackhammer !) on the map and collect the ressources.

Gas Geyser : Allow to collect Gas(maybe argon or ?) using a new base part the Gas accumulator.

The use : Maybe as a fertilazer, A meteo station to be notified of the sandstorm or rain or for a new powerful light source

Note pour les francophones : Si vous avez une idée mais que vous avez du mal à l'exprimer en anglais poster la quand même je posterai la traduction de votre idée en réponse.

Created a new topic Objectiv for normal mission

Hey it's me again,

So I read that you found a way to add storage to the buggie on Twitter and I thought why not add storage in the landing pod to add a new objectiv to the mission beside survive for X days.

Currently our little cat land on the planet , plays the tourist and go back in space.But what if he has to collect a certain amount of metal,plants,seeds and water to continue his travel accros the stars ?

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Hello everyone it's me again !

Today after messing with the game data folder and code , I've come to the idea to make tiny mods they don't add new items to the game (I still don't have figured how to question of time) but use already in-game element and change their properties.

Caution : I recommand to backup the game files you can redownload them with the itch.io app but your save will be lost and I'm not responsible for it.

Here a little summary :

1-Useful Tree

2-Metal recovery

3-How to install them

4-Download links

1-Useful Tree :

This tiny mod changes the drop list of the orange tree and add 100% to get 1 seed when destroying it

While waiting for new release if you want the tree to be useful or if you want to do a long run this mod can help you to get seeds for your greenhouses

I choose the 100% - 1 seed model because it doen't seems game breaker

2-Metal Recovery :

This tiny mod changes the drop list of the scrap aka ship part and add a 10% to get 1 metal when destroying it

You can now harvest metal without a smelter for your first day on the planet.

It lower a little the game difficulty but it's useful on the long-term because scrap loose quickly it's interest where metal is still needed.

3-How to install :

1-First step getting into the game folder

Right click on the game image in the itch.io app and click on show local files / game folder

This folder will open up

Go into the game folder you will see a Jar file named desktop-1.0

Rick clic on the jar file and open it with winrar

You will arrive in this archive

2-Second step installing the mods

Simply copy/paste or drag'n drop the mod files you have download into the archive

Simply click on ok when this message appear if the system ask click on replace the file

You are done you can now launch the game and the mod will be effective

4- Download links

1-Useful Tree

2-Metal Recovery

3-The 2 mod bundle

If something doesn't work please tell me !

Thanks for the reply i'll update the post with the informations provided !

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Hello everyone !

Today I search in the game data and I found some interesting things !

Warning !

The item or tiles might not be integrated in-games or were features that was deleted from the game wait for Cairn4 to release an update log with the full list of new features integrated in-game. If Cairn4 asked me to I will delete ASAP this post.

First : Sci-lab

Possible usage : Research new technologies with the "Science" found with the scanner (see below)

Second : The medbay

Already in game : spawnable with the console F1 : giveItem medbay-builder

Usage : Restaure the health when connected to electricity act like a base module

Craft recipe :

Metal quantity 4

Third : The food tray

Possible usage : No idea

Fourth : The deadly meteor

Already in-game

Possible usage : Destroy your life base vehicule and futur : No impact in-game yet

Fifth : The Scanner

Already in-game but with no usage yet : spawnable with the console F1 : give item sci-scanner1

Possible usage : According to the Scanner.class it will be used to find ressources using suit energy and a new things "Science"

Craft recipe :

Scrap quantity 2

Si(x)th : The auto-airlock

Already in-game and usable ! spawnable with the console F1 : giveItem autoairlock-builder

Let you walk-in and out without interaction

Craft recipe :

Metal quantity: 3

Metal-beam quantity 2

Electronics quantity 2

New item

You maybe know that Cairn4 is testing damage and desctruction for the buggie

He already made the repair-tool for it.

id : Repair-tool sprite : Cargo

Scrap quantity 2

Component quantity 2

New disaster fire in base module

Bonus if you want to mess with the weather :

press F1 and write setweather rain or setweather sandstorm

you can find a gif of the weather on the twitter of @Cairn4

Comment on possible usage and new informations are welcome !

Update : Added Gif and informations from Cairn4 & auto-airlock

08/02/2017 : Added fire disaster & updated scanner & Lab

Thanks for replying I will keep this thread updated with new ideas through the update.

Hope it will help you

Hello everyone especially Cairn4 !

(Disclaimer : English is not my native language and the following ideas are based on my experience of the game, some of them are definitly already suggested. The following ideas are likely to change and more will be added.)

After playing for 3 hours and I builded everything that was included even the small light.

And because I like it I made a small list of things that can improve the game.

Here a small summary of the idea :

1. Comfort suggestions and changes

2. New items ideas

3.Change of already in-game elements

Comfort suggestions and changes :

1. Adding a map marker for the buggie.

As shown below the buggy doesn't have a marker on the map and it's pretty easy to wander far without remembering where you park it

2. Adding a small storage on the buggie

We can see on the buggie model a small trunk adding a small 2x2 storage emplacement will be really usefull

3. Changing the base module connection in 3x3 pattern or above

The corner wall on the following screen are really a pain removing them or adding a small pillar instead of them could really help the player move inside his base

New items ideas :

1.The resin

The Bloom-Tree drop no ressources, I was like "poor lil' tree I'm gonna find you an utility" and so I thought of the resin

The resin could be use into crafts like the sealant( that I will detail below)

2.The sealant/Seal

Air leaks become really annoying in terms of gameplay after the 3rd-4th day they loose their dangerosity.

But the sealant is here to fix that. Made from 3xResin in the workbench the sealant can be applied to one base module to definitly(?) prevent the air leaks.


I saw some peoples thinking of the same idea. Making Roads from rocks to add an utility to them and boost walking/driving speed

Change of already in-game elements :

1.Darker night and smaller/no light aura

In the actual version the flash light is actually pretty useless the character has an aura of light that allow to play without using it

If the night could be darker ,longer and if the character doesn't emit so much light, the flash light will become usefull and add some difficulty by making the energy bar a new thing to keep attention at.

2.Hunger/Thirst bar

The hunger'o-meter in form of text is actually the more dangereous thing in the game.

Changing it to a graduad bar and adding the thirst in the same format is what I suggest.

Thanks for reading ! Feel free to improve my ideas ! See you in space !

Replied to Cairn4 in Known Bugs
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I wanted to change the controls in the main menu on my W10 but it crash everytime I try . I don't have the problem on Linux

Quick update : I can change the control in-game after a few test i can change them in the main menu after rebinding them directly in-game

Posted in Known Bugs

Hello seems like trying to change the controls make the game crash

Maybe something like the garbage bot that would fly above ennemies and pull them up for a few seconds leaving them weak it would live longer

Okay thanks for the reply !

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Hello !

1. I've been playing the game for hours and the thing that I quickly notice is the time that spawn take. So I thought that instead of using the mini cutscene in the hangar we could spawn directly in the arena behind the big screen (poorly edited picture below) and the respawn scene would just be the robots soldering the arm to our body then let us fall on the elevator.

In endless we don't need to know the name or fav colour, the voice should just announce something like "Human Gladiator".


2. A sword can be swung but also used to stab. The sword have use only the left click right now but we start the game with an energy bar so why not add a stab move with the right click that use this energy and that would add different patern for the battle moves. Also this abilty would be upgradable with a brief dash forward while stabbing.

3. And finally it really bother that we can't jump while the jetpack is active it would be nice if the jetpack ability tree had a second way to unlock the jump.

Thank you for reading I hope my english wasn't too bad !

Sorry the mass editing i've got issues with the picture link