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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Tiny mods ! Useful tree & Metal recovery & How to install

A topic by HolyHugo created Feb 08, 2017 Views: 542
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Hello everyone it's me again !

Today after messing with the game data folder and code , I've come to the idea to make tiny mods they don't add new items to the game (I still don't have figured how to question of time) but use already in-game element and change their properties.

Caution : I recommand to backup the game files you can redownload them with the itch.io app but your save will be lost and I'm not responsible for it.

Here a little summary :

1-Useful Tree

2-Metal recovery

3-How to install them

4-Download links

1-Useful Tree :

This tiny mod changes the drop list of the orange tree and add 100% to get 1 seed when destroying it

While waiting for new release if you want the tree to be useful or if you want to do a long run this mod can help you to get seeds for your greenhouses

I choose the 100% - 1 seed model because it doen't seems game breaker

2-Metal Recovery :

This tiny mod changes the drop list of the scrap aka ship part and add a 10% to get 1 metal when destroying it

You can now harvest metal without a smelter for your first day on the planet.

It lower a little the game difficulty but it's useful on the long-term because scrap loose quickly it's interest where metal is still needed.

3-How to install :

1-First step getting into the game folder

Right click on the game image in the itch.io app and click on show local files / game folder

This folder will open up

Go into the game folder you will see a Jar file named desktop-1.0

Rick clic on the jar file and open it with winrar

You will arrive in this archive

2-Second step installing the mods

Simply copy/paste or drag'n drop the mod files you have download into the archive

Simply click on ok when this message appear if the system ask click on replace the file

You are done you can now launch the game and the mod will be effective

4- Download links

1-Useful Tree

2-Metal Recovery

3-The 2 mod bundle

If something doesn't work please tell me !