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Hello seems like trying to change the controls make the game crash

Hmmm were you trying to use the control mapping popup? During a game (Pause -> Options -> Controls), or from the Main Menu -> More -> Options -> Controls?

If after changing some settings the game keeps crashing you can always delete your moonbase_settings.json preference file to have it reset.

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I wanted to change the controls in the main menu on my W10 but it crash everytime I try . I don't have the problem on Linux

Quick update : I can change the control in-game after a few test i can change them in the main menu after rebinding them directly in-game

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Ah ha! I was able to reproduce this bug, and I now know why it's happening. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)


Yeh i have the same problem on mac. Every Time i try to change the controls through the main menu the game crashs. But if i change it after lunching the game it's working.

This issue should now be fixed in v0.32