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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Data Mining & No craftable in-game features ! Stay tuned

A topic by HolyHugo created Feb 07, 2017 Views: 357 Replies: 2
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Hello everyone !

Today I search in the game data and I found some interesting things !

Warning !

The item or tiles might not be integrated in-games or were features that was deleted from the game wait for Cairn4 to release an update log with the full list of new features integrated in-game. If Cairn4 asked me to I will delete ASAP this post.

First : Sci-lab

Possible usage : Research new technologies with the "Science" found with the scanner (see below)

Second : The medbay

Already in game : spawnable with the console F1 : giveItem medbay-builder

Usage : Restaure the health when connected to electricity act like a base module

Craft recipe :

Metal quantity 4

Third : The food tray

Possible usage : No idea

Fourth : The deadly meteor

Already in-game

Possible usage : Destroy your life base vehicule and futur : No impact in-game yet

Fifth : The Scanner

Already in-game but with no usage yet : spawnable with the console F1 : give item sci-scanner1

Possible usage : According to the Scanner.class it will be used to find ressources using suit energy and a new things "Science"

Craft recipe :

Scrap quantity 2

Si(x)th : The auto-airlock

Already in-game and usable ! spawnable with the console F1 : giveItem autoairlock-builder

Let you walk-in and out without interaction

Craft recipe :

Metal quantity: 3

Metal-beam quantity 2

Electronics quantity 2

New item

You maybe know that Cairn4 is testing damage and desctruction for the buggie

He already made the repair-tool for it.

id : Repair-tool sprite : Cargo

Scrap quantity 2

Component quantity 2

New disaster fire in base module

Bonus if you want to mess with the weather :

press F1 and write setweather rain or setweather sandstorm

you can find a gif of the weather on the twitter of @Cairn4

Comment on possible usage and new informations are welcome !

Update : Added Gif and informations from Cairn4 & auto-airlock

08/02/2017 : Added fire disaster & updated scanner & Lab


Heh, no problem at all. Speculate away ;)

F1 -> console:

  • giveitem medbay-builder
  • giveitem sci-scanner1 (no current use)
  • meteor x y (where x and y are the tile coordinate)

Thanks for the reply i'll update the post with the informations provided !