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A(n illustrated) list of suggestions !

A topic by HolyHugo created Feb 06, 2017 Views: 225 Replies: 2
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Hello everyone especially Cairn4 !

(Disclaimer : English is not my native language and the following ideas are based on my experience of the game, some of them are definitly already suggested. The following ideas are likely to change and more will be added.)

After playing for 3 hours and I builded everything that was included even the small light.

And because I like it I made a small list of things that can improve the game.

Here a small summary of the idea :

1. Comfort suggestions and changes

2. New items ideas

3.Change of already in-game elements

Comfort suggestions and changes :

1. Adding a map marker for the buggie.

As shown below the buggy doesn't have a marker on the map and it's pretty easy to wander far without remembering where you park it

2. Adding a small storage on the buggie

We can see on the buggie model a small trunk adding a small 2x2 storage emplacement will be really usefull

3. Changing the base module connection in 3x3 pattern or above

The corner wall on the following screen are really a pain removing them or adding a small pillar instead of them could really help the player move inside his base

New items ideas :

1.The resin

The Bloom-Tree drop no ressources, I was like "poor lil' tree I'm gonna find you an utility" and so I thought of the resin

The resin could be use into crafts like the sealant( that I will detail below)

2.The sealant/Seal

Air leaks become really annoying in terms of gameplay after the 3rd-4th day they loose their dangerosity.

But the sealant is here to fix that. Made from 3xResin in the workbench the sealant can be applied to one base module to definitly(?) prevent the air leaks.


I saw some peoples thinking of the same idea. Making Roads from rocks to add an utility to them and boost walking/driving speed

Change of already in-game elements :

1.Darker night and smaller/no light aura

In the actual version the flash light is actually pretty useless the character has an aura of light that allow to play without using it

If the night could be darker ,longer and if the character doesn't emit so much light, the flash light will become usefull and add some difficulty by making the energy bar a new thing to keep attention at.

2.Hunger/Thirst bar

The hunger'o-meter in form of text is actually the more dangereous thing in the game.

Changing it to a graduad bar and adding the thirst in the same format is what I suggest.

Thanks for reading ! Feel free to improve my ideas ! See you in space !


Thanks for the suggestions! Really good stuff. Bunch of them I have in some form on my list of things to eventually update, I'll pick out a couple to discuss real quick:

I kid you not, I had actually written up some ideas for more resource items over the weekend, and one of them was for a resin material ;)

Using it as a means of sealing leaks is a cool idea. Along with plant fibers, to make some sort of "natural" duct-tape perhaps. Air leaks can definitely get annoying, I think they also need a clearer reason for happening - like you crash your buggie into the side of a module or or they get hit with a small meteor or something... vs just happening randomly... all the time haha

Gravel roads I also really want to get working at some point, there's a half-baked version of them in the game right now if you use the cheat-console (F1) and type "giveitem gravel-builder 10", but I stopped working on them once it was obvious that it was going to need a bunch more work - right now they're treated as a "base" object (and therefor transfer power, water, air between other habitat modules, solar panels etc).

HUD health/hunger etc absolutely needs an overhaul at some point.

Anyways, thanks again for taking the time to share that. Cheers!

Thanks for replying I will keep this thread updated with new ideas through the update.

Hope it will help you