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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Collab -- Idea of new ressources and use of those ressources !

A topic by HolyHugo created May 04, 2017 Views: 119
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Hi everyone !

Adding some ressources to the game will greatly improve the field of possibilty in game if you have some idea of ressources and use for them that are consistent with the theme of the game please feel free to add them to the topic to centrilize them and allow Cairn to choose easily instead of creating new topics for ressources !

A new rare metal : The titanium. Could be found in rocks with a low drop chance as non exploitable fragment that will require to be melted with meteorite fragment to be usable as a Titanium plate.

The use : A new vehicle The Drill-o-matic (name not definitiv :p )

A new rare ressource : The meteorite fragment. Could be found after the rare fall of a meteorite on the planet found near the crash site with something like 7-15 fragment.

The use : Used in the crafting of the titanium plate

A new vegetal ressource : The resin. Could be found when a Tree is harvested given by 1-3 drops that require to be smelted to be used as Rubber !

The use : Rubber could be used to craft wheels for vehicles and isolant for the electricty (stil thinking for what)

The Drill-o-matic : Made from Titanium plate , Metal plate , motors , electronics , wire and component (and Rubber wheels ?).

A high cost vehicle slower than the buggie (like a lot slower) used to remove rocks easily and quickly (quicker than the jackhammer !) on the map and collect the ressources.

Gas Geyser : Allow to collect Gas(maybe argon or ?) using a new base part the Gas accumulator.

The use : Maybe as a fertilazer, A meteo station to be notified of the sandstorm or rain or for a new powerful light source

Note pour les francophones : Si vous avez une idée mais que vous avez du mal à l'exprimer en anglais poster la quand même je posterai la traduction de votre idée en réponse.