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Side swing with the sword

A topic by Mr Gricnh created Nov 01, 2016 Views: 320 Replies: 7
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Basically I have found it strange, and confusing and think it should be swapped. What I'm talking about are the side swings with the sword. When you move to the right you swing in a way that makes not much sense, and it becomes unnecessarily difficult because it just isn't fluid and a strange mechanic. I believe that it should be swapped. I think when you move left you should swing to the left, and same so with the right. That is all.

yes i agree

The reason it's set up this way is that the most common use case is to swing at what's in front of you, trying to move around that thing and hit its side. Is this not your experience?

Tip: If you turn a little bit while moving it actually changes which direction you're swinging. If you're moving in a circle around what you're facing it swings inward towards that, but if you're moving around something behind your back it swings in the opposite direction.

1 like to anyone who understood this tip. Cause I sure as hell didn't.

(or maybe I'm just too dumb to understand T.T)

  • Imagine that you're strafing to the right.
  • Now turn your mouse either left or right.
  • If you keep both strafing and turning your mouse you will start to travel in a circle
    • If you attack while turning left you will swing left
    • If you attack while turning right you will swing right
Perhaps this is very confusing and should be removed...
It's a small attempt at reading your mind.
Deleted post

Please make it so we can "swap direction" so everyone can get the swing direction that feels natural to them.

Love the game :)

this is a good idea

You should have LMB swing one way, and RMB swing the other way, so it isnt as confusing, but also works just as well

I like how it is right now but it woulb be ice to get the option to flip around the controls