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Mr Gricnh

A member registered 1 year ago

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You could make it so it was a bit down the tree, and some other people have ideas to nerf it.

Sometimes I swing my sword and the robot just goes right through it with no damage. Also sometimes when I jump and do a vertical swing it just had no effect on them.

I sorry, but I get aggravated because I dont think I should just immediately die when something barely touches my head, maybe do a percentage destroyed then you die. Like <90% of head is gone then you die.

Basically, on the sword tree I believe there should be a "shield branch" in which you could use a shield using right mouse button to block arrows, swords, and the bombs. Obviously you should not be able to attack while using shield, and you would be defenseless from behind.

this is a good idea

Basically I have found it strange, and confusing and think it should be swapped. What I'm talking about are the side swings with the sword. When you move to the right you swing in a way that makes not much sense, and it becomes unnecessarily difficult because it just isn't fluid and a strange mechanic. I believe that it should be swapped. I think when you move left you should swing to the left, and same so with the right. That is all.

Sounds great,, I'll try to keep track of the game. I think I will buy it and support you later on, but until then thank you for answering my questions.

Ok, also will you be working on lengthening the game, and if so how long do you want it to end up when you are finished?

The game looks good, but the price could potentially scare some people away. I'd suggest maybe creating a trial that is small and only gives a tiny taste. This would allow more people to become interested in this game, and would help show your effort towards making this game. I unfortunately cannot help you since I'm broke, and am currently saving up.

Good Luck, -Camden