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Better Robot Modols, More Valid Reasons For Death & Better Death Animations

A topic by The Aliplayer Games created Nov 08, 2016 Views: 282 Replies: 9
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The Robot Modols need some improvement because they don't look a lot like robots. The game needs more good reasons for death because a robot can't just die because I cut its hands or feet off or or its entire arms and legs. The death animations need serious work because the robots already have knees and elbows so why cant they fall down normaly.

Thank you for your feedback!

For a while the robots would continue running at you even after losing their sword hand. It was less satisfying than them just dying, so I changed it.


I sorry, but I get aggravated because I dont think I should just immediately die when something barely touches my head, maybe do a percentage destroyed then you die. Like <90% of head is gone then you die.


This also angers me. I hate how a SINGLE PIXEL off of your head and your gone. I can understand your head getting chopped in half and you die, but a single pixel off the head and your gone, which is really annoying an extremely inconvenient.

yes, this is a good point. Separate from dying from losing arms though!

I have a task in the backlog to look at it.

I have a question, if you lose your left arm you can't use bows anymore right? But of you lose you right arm, you die, which kind of makes no sense, unless their is an explanation I'm not seeing :P

It's because you need two arms to use a bow, and the right arm thing is because it's your sword arm, hope that I helped!

So what does that mean. They won't die because I cut their arms or legs off.

Can you also make upgrade bot fix you if you have lost a leg, its dull to have to push through with one leg


If you want the easy way out without losing a life, just exit to the main menu and re-enter the game. This repairs you completely, and isn't super cheaty :D