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Other suggestions for upgrades: Faster processing speed. (Slow motion that uses 1 energy bar every 5 (irl)seconds to work) Hacking. (You control the robot you use it on, other robots will not attack you unless you reaveal it to them(killing something). This will take 1 energy bar every 3 seconds to work)

Weapon suggestions: Throwable weapon. (A throwable weapon of some kind. Idk what tho)

But if you're hacking, wouldn't your original human robot become vulnerable since you would be controlling an enemy robot? Unless you had maybe another set of controls for controlling the hacked robot(s)?

I thought about that right after i posted it and it would be cool if it was a type of multiplayer maybe. So that 2 players spawn first and than if one of the players hacks a robot, another player can join or something :P

Oh, I geddit. So you would turn into that enemy robot and someone else would take over your original human body?

And also,


I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm just a grammar guy :)

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I was thinking that the new player that comes in takes over the hacked robot and help to fight rather than the new players taking control of yours.

Also, it was just a typo, but thanks anyway :P

Oh, ok. :)


I like the hacking idea. Sounds fun to possess enemy classes and play with their abilities. :)


you could use the arrow keys to move the robot