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A topic by Violet_twilight created Oct 08, 2016 Views: 288 Replies: 10
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I dont if those are really worth devs time, i just want to help :I


You can smash jump button and climb walls in the upgrade room, then go trough walls! D: and then end a level. ( Its where you can see garbage room behind the window in upgrade room)


So i got a kick (skill), and then made a clone :O and then i kicked my clone on the floor, and then pushed him to the elevator! I was pushing him by just slamming in his body, but he go stuck on that little edge, between elevator and floor, so i tried to chop my clones leg, and i did, we went up to arena! (slicing something from liyng clone makes them shift on the floor for some reason) :O And then I died to archers, respawned already in arena with that new clone, but archers wasnt shooting me! I killed all archers and arena reset, but nobody wasnt attacking me! and then i killed everybody! and arena reset again! but nobody wasnt.... you got the point :I


You can step on a stopped saw and it will send you flying.. well not really flying, but its like higher than your normal jump by 2.5 times.


I've fixed the first two in my local build already, and they'll go out with the next update.

Seen the stopped saw blade thing before, but haven't made a bug report for it. Will add it now!

Here's how I fixed the Clone in Elevator bug:

Great writeup! Thanks!

Yay! bugfixes! This game has so much potential. Thank you so much! :O

I found another one! :D

On that level, where archers stand on high placed red plank you have to climb the blue stair thing.. umm. the point is that you can go under that blue stair and jump in it mario style, you wont fall down if you keep smashing into that blue stair, you can climb like that and walk(jump) under red plank, where archers stand, and you can even kill them through that plank. I dont know if you already fixed that. Just want to help :P


Good find! That one is a variant of climbing walls by jumping a lot. I've fixed it for next build.


So i found more, yep :I

1: 1 of the robots in double spider tron 5000 level got stuck in dead spiders legs. he just couldnt move untill i moved him myself.

2: So sometimes your sword goes right through emeny and not dealing any damage, i dont know why. And arrows sometimes go through that spot between legs and not dealing any damage.

I tried the first bug, and I fell out of the arena and fell forever. :)

ANy idea how to fix the bug where i open thegame it comes up with the logo then freezes and never loads


Check to see if anything is running in the background that "hooks" into the game. FRAPS for example or Plays.TV in my case. These can both cause the game to freeze. Nvidia's control panel can also do that, but I don't know much about it. Perhaps someone with an nvidia chipset can chime in.

The bug with the logo means you just have to wait a bit then it loads the menu :)


Cool beans, glad to know it's working for you :)