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Few bugs

A topic by Extra_sawsie created Oct 09, 2016 Views: 225 Replies: 6
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Hey man,

I got some screenshots of some bugs I don't know how to explain, how would I send those?

btw I really love the game!! I don't usually buy games, like ever seriously... but when I saw this I had to get it hahaha. Great job and I look forward to seeing how it turns out.


I suggest uploading the images to imgur and posting a link here :)

Thanks :)

so this has happened a couple of times now, whilst using the bow, my guy would twist around and once that's happened i can't do any sort of damage. Some coding also appears, i think it's coding hahahah


the last time this happened I carried on playing for fun and tried to see if the spider bot would kill itself, because why not. In the process I got knocked down by one of the bombs and my guy wouldn't get back up, some more coding then also appeared


hope this helps at all


same happend for me a few times. I think when enemy slices your arm off, while you are holding a bow.. uhh, the game should kill you, but sometimes something happens (*code magic*) and the game thinks that you are dead, but still can move because magic. And then your body twists cos ,again, reeeeaaasoons.... =_=


Doborog has confirmed it's fixed in the next update in a previous post about the same bug. (It seems a lot of people are experiencing this issue.)

yep, fixed in next version!

yeah sorry only realised this was a common problem and that you'd already fixed it after I posted the images