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A topic by Frostbitee created Oct 13, 2016 Views: 236 Replies: 9
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So what I really love about the game is the dismemberment.

Can the game maybe have a war like situation or level where you fight HUNDREDS of different robots or maybe have a level where there will be a machine that continuously generates robots, so you have to cut your way through hundreds of robots until you reach the machine and finally destroy it to stop the cloning/robot generating

Can we have something like that in the game?


That reminded me of Assasin's Creed trailer:D. I dont remember which one though....

But yeah.. cool idea. And maybe your robot will be slightly buffed, for example: enemies cant block your sword attacks, but theres like A LOT of enemies, like you said. Maybe it gonna be like one of endless mod wave/level or something. I really do love to cut through metal with laser swords and stuff too, yeah C:<.


Quite possibly! We're gonna start making a lot of new levels soon, and raw numbers is definitely a fun thing to play with.

Just have to be careful. Performance can get pretty bad for this kind of thing.

Heck yeah XD no worries, my pc isready hahaha, but yeah its just so satisfying to see so many dismembered corpses on the field and you're like the the last man standing and then you see another army coming towards you


now that I think about it why wasnt there a level where you fight lots of combat archers the ones that could use swords all at once like the swordsmen or the archers?

You fight 2 of them on level 8. I thought it would be challenging for people, but it turns out most people beat that pretty easily. :)


It does make for some fun screenshots! :P

is there a way to screen shot in-game?

Cmd + Shift + 3 on a Mac

Print-Screen on PC? Then paste it into some program?